How quickly to switch from any Linux to MinerOs?

If you are already using some kind of Linux assembly for mining and want to switch to MinerOs as fast as possible and without stopping the mining — it’s quite easy to do it by following the instructions below.

1) Log into your MinerOs Personal Cabinet in the Download image section.

2) If you have a lot of rigs to transfer, it is recommended to download your personal image (by clicking Download button) and upload it to any of your rigs with an active web server. Make the link visible within your network, for example, This is all to speed up the transfer process. After all, the download speed in your local network is much higher.

3) If you use a personal image situated on your local rig, select Local image and write the path to the image archive. (example: If you are using a remote image, then leave the checkbox on the Remote image source.

4) Enter the Rig where you are reinstalling the operating system via SSH. Edit it:

mcedit /etc/fstab

You have to write ro in front of errors=remount…. to get ro,errors=…..

5) Reload the rigg with the command reboot, log in again and execute the following commands:

mount -t ramfs none /tmp

cd /tmp


chmod 755

./ ‘http://THERE WILL BE A LINK TO THE IMAGE..tar.gz’

After the script is executed, type in /start.

Attention: ‘http://THERE WILL BE A LINK TO THE IMAGE..tar.gz’ will depend on your choice of image pathfinder — either local or remote. The main thing here is not to forget the quotes.

5) Wait for the script to work and give the following message: New system has been burned. In a couple of minutes after that, the new rigging will appear in the Mineros control panel. After that, you can change the name of the rig in the admin.

More info

The MinerOs operating system provides for the creation of personal iso. In other words, you need to register in the system, go to the Download image page and download the iso by clicking on the Download button.

While downloading your personal information will be included in the image and archived. Be patient with the download, the iso takes about 950Mb (you will not see the download progress).

After you have downloaded your personal iso, write it to any USB/SSD/HDD media using the Linux command dd or the HddRawCopy.

Insert the SSD into the rig and turn it on. The new rig should appear on the MinerOs dashboard.


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