MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 27.

What's new?
⚙️ Great speedup of the interface
⚙️ User panel translation into RUSSIAN language
⚙️ Minor fixes in GUI
⛏ XMRig (unified) v5.6.0 (fixed generic OpenCL code for AMD Navi GPUs, added health information for AMD GPUs, fixed possible Nicehash nonce overflow in some conditions)
⛏ Bminer v16.0.6 (improved the performance of Cuckaroo29m, fix the regression that the Cuckatoo/Cuckoo miners failed to start)
⛏ NBMiner v27.0 (added support for HNS and HNS_ETH mining for Nvidia GPUs, minor bug fix and improvements) 
⛏ CPUminer-opt-rplant v4.5.4 (new codebase, optimized lyra2, optimized minotaur AES/SSE4.2, improved yescryptr8g and lyra2z330 if HT enabled)

2020-02-19 08:27:05

What's new?
⚙️ Added support of mining nvidia cards P106-090, P106-100, P104-100, P102-100
⛏ NanoMiner v1.8.1 (fixed issue with incorrect Ethash pool protocol auto-detection on some connections, removed pool.pascalpool.org from list of default Pascal pools)
⛏ RHminer v2.2b (improved pool connection, code cleanup and minor improvements, removed pool.pascalpool.org)
⛏ CryptoDredge v0.23.0 (new algos: mtp-tcr, cn-upx2, cn-zls; improved mtp, cn-gpu; bug fixes)
⛏ CPUminer-opt-rplant v4.0.31 (added algos: minotaur, lyra2tdc)

2020-02-15 14:58:01

What's new?
⚙️ Minor fixes with mining task creating
⛏ NanoMiner v1.8.0 (added Cortex support for AMD Radeon RX 570 16G cards, improved RandomHash2 performance up to +30% for some of CPUs)
⛏ RHminer v2.2 (performance improved up to 55% depend on CPU type)
⛏ Bminer v16.0.5 (improve the performance of C29m miner, reduce the rejection rate of the C29m miner)

2020-02-08 09:49:01

What's new?
⛏ RHminer v2.1b (new)
⛏ XMRig v5.5.3 (optimization and fixes)
⛏ Bminer v16.0.3 (improved performance and stability of the C29m)

2020-02-03 10:18:50

What's new?
⛏ miniZ v1.5t (hashrate improvements for 150,5 and 210,9: up to 4% and up to 2% on other depending on algo and GPU, better support for GTX 1660 Ti, improved stability)
⛏ lolMiner v0.9.7 (increased GRIN-C32 performance on Vega, VII & Navi cards by 15-18%)

2020-01-30 11:07:51