MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 9.

What's new?

⚙️ Added new mineros 4.14 image (os: Ubuntu 20.04, kernel: 5.6.19, amd: opencl legacy+pal 20.10, nvidia: 450.80.02). There is no need to update drivers for nvidia GPUs series 10xx-20xx. However, for the 30xx series it is necessary to execute the nv_update NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-455.45.01.run command, since drivers for this series of video cards are different. Also included in the image are all updated files including atitool.

Gminer v2.36 (support extra nonce length up to 6 bytes for Ethash/KAWPOW algorithms, now miner will works on f2pool, miningpoolhub and other pools; added display of fan speed, core clock, memory clock, DAG size, share difficulty for Ethash/KAWPOW algorithms; display power efficienty for cuckoo cycle algorithms in milliwatts; fixed bug with stale job logic on beam and cortex - it will increase hashrate on pool side; added option to enable/disable caching of dag file, enabled by default, --cache_dag 0/1; added option to enable/disable share check on CPU for Ethash/KAWPOW algorithms, enabled by default, --share_check 0/1)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.6.0 (small performance increase on 'cryptonight_gpu', 'curvehash' algorithms; slow start (ramp up) of GPU's on miner start is now on by default; added parameter '--disable-workers-ramp-up'; removed 'tellor', 'rainforestv2' algorithms)
CPUminer-Opt by rplant v5.0.5 (fixing a critical bug with "job not found" shares. On sugarchain, the update is mandatory, on other coins it is desirable)

2020-12-21 09:57:40

What's new?

PhoenixMiner v5.4c (Added support for DAG epochs up to 500; Validated support for Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, and 3060Ti GPUs. Those still use the current kernels and there are no speed increases from the previous PhoenixMiner release; Added new kernels to allow mining on AMD Hawaii cards (R9 390, etc.) with the current and future DAG epochs (even with DAG buffer above 4GB for the 8GB cards)
TeamRedMiner v0.7.21 (improved probability for high (4078-4080 MB) ethash 4GB capped allocation running stable over time that could fix crash after 5-10 mins)
CPUminer-Opt by rplant v5.0.4 (added circcash algo for CIRC/CircCash; miner for all DNS requests use CloudFlare DoH)

2020-12-19 09:32:18

What's new?

⚙️ Added a program for advanced overclocking of AMD cards - atitool. Example for setting SOC value for Navi GPUs - Here

BMiner v16.3.7 (Support NVIDIA 30 Series Graphics Cards; Fix crash in NVIDIA Etherum miner)

2020-12-17 16:02:56

What's new?

GMiner v2.35 (improved compatibility with Ethash pools (beepool.org); added DAG check after generation for Ethash and ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms, this feature help to detect overclock issues; improved compatibility with AMD devices under Windows, now miner display temperature and power consumption for newest AMD cards; improved AMD support under Linux (fixed "No device found" error on some system configurations); improved support of newest Nvidia drivers (fixed "NVML initialization failed" error); decreased stale share percentage on ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms; not stop miner when DAG generation failed on some GPU (this GPU will be marked RED in statistics); removed algorithms: Eaglesong, Handshake, Kadena, BeamHashI, BeamHashII, Grimm, Cuckaroo29, Cuckaroom29, Equihash 96,5; significantly reduced binary size; significantly performance improvements for KAWPOW/ProgPoW algorithms on mining edition GPUs)
LolMiner v1.17 (Significantly reduced Ethash power draw on Navi GPUs, Slightly improved performance of 6800 (XT) / 6900; Added Cuckoo-29, Cuckaroo-30 CTX, Cuckatoo-31 (MWC) and Cuckatoo-32 (Grin) for RX 6800 family of GPUs; Reduced number of stale shares on Cortex algorithm. This will result in a minimally lower displayed hash rate, but higher pool side hash; Added a basic temperature protection mechanism. See notes below for usage; Added parameter '--singlethread' to work with Ethash and Equihash algorithm. This will disable the 2nd mining thread and slightly reduce performance of the involved cards. Use this option to reduce stumbles when a card does graphic output in parallel. Use '--singlethread' (equivalent to '--singlethread -1') to enable single thread mode for all GPUs, use '--singlethread' to set the mode for one single card; Added reading of junction temperature on AMD GPUs; The API is now bound to the local host, causing less issues with firewalls; Fixed bugs: Ethash Ethproxy stratum mode some times loosing worker name; Beam Hash III not starting up in Linux on RX 5000 & RX 6000 series card on amdgpu-pro 20.45 driver; Ethash & Beam not starting up on Radeon R9 380; Ethash not starting up on some 6G Nvidia cards; Ethash mining frequently trying to start up a card if there was an error during mining; "DEVICES" parameter not working when configuring the miner from json file)
CPUminer-Opt-JayDDee v3.15.4 (fixed yescryptr16 broken in v3.15.3)

2020-12-16 17:47:45

What's new?

PhoenixMiner v5.4b (new kernels for AMD Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster when the DAG buffer is approaching or passing 4GB in size - work on AMD drivers 20.10+; re-running auto-tune as needed when switching to a different DAG buffer type, e.g. when switching from ETH to ETC, or back; other small fixes and improvements)
TeamRedMiner v0.7.20 (ethash: added default capped DAG allocation for 4GBs at 4072MB, see '--eth_4g_max_alloc'; ethash: bugfix for crashes using '--eth_dag_cache' on 4GB GPUs)
NBMiner v35.0 (added statistics for invalid shares on ethash; added statistics for Health information of AMD GPU; more detailed error information of OpenCL API; reduced CPU usage)
GMiner v2.34 (added DAG check after generation for Ethash and ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms, this feature help to detect overclock issues; decreased stale share percentage on ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms; improved AMD support)
T-Rex v0.19.4 (changes for 0.19.3&0.19.4: improved octopus performance 1-2% on some configurations; reduced the amount of invalid shares on ethash and octopus; added --no-hashrate-report parameter to disable hashrate reporting to the mining pool; added --keep-gpu-busy parameter to continue mining even in case of connection loss: useful if pausing GPUs causes instability)
NanoMiner v3.1.4 (fixed stability issue with AMD RX 5700 mining Ethash)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.5.9 (fixed a bug on 'randomx' algorithm that could cause miner to create invalid shares for some jobs; removed algorithms: 'cryptonight_bbc', 'cryptonight_catalans'; bug fixes)
WildRig-Multi v0.28.2 (x11k algo will use the same algo for devfee, this should improve miner stability on some cards; option --print-devices now will print busID)
CPUMiner-Opt-rplant v5.0.1 (added automatic selection of the nearest working stratum and switching on errors; improved yescrypt/yespower; fixed latency display; many other improvements and bug fixes)
CPUMiner-Opt-JayDDee v3.15.3 (various improvements and optimizations)

2020-12-14 21:12:45