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A stable mining operating system based on linux that allows you to manage and monitor your mining rigs based on AMD and NVIDIA video cards with ease. Easy installation and setup, as well as intuitive user interface allow even beginners to configure the system in the shortest possible time. You can overclock your video cards, create GPU and CPU mining tasks and get personalized notifications via telegram with our OS for mining. Management of hundreds rigs at the same time, global hash rate monitoring, built-in watchdog and a lot of other features will help you to increase your income!

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Track GPU errors, hashrates, onlineoffline statuses, power consumption, overclocking and much more from a single dashboard! You will get remote access to your farm from anywhere worldwide. Remote reboot, troubleshoot or SSH access via our integrated web shell of any rig or group of rigs in your farm is not a problem now.


Our advantages:

  • Convenient monitoring

    No matter where you are, using MinerOs control panel you can get full access to all the parameters of each rig. You can change the config in bulk, adjust the acceleration or watch hash rate and profit in real-time.

  • Built-in features

    As long as you're not watching your rigs, there's a built-in watchdog to control them. It analyzes various indicators of the system and can reboot or restart rigs if the hash rate has fallen below the permitted level or the temperature has become too high. The built-in Telegram Bot will send you a notification about the problem.

  • Flexible system

    Mining is supported by processors. Ability to change processors' tasks without affecting GPU tasks. Support of hardware watchdogs. Support of AMD/Nvidia mixed rigs. Small OS size is suitable for cheap USB flash drives.

  • Auto-switching mining by profit

    Our system can determine what is more profitable and switch tasks according to your settings, without human intervention. Read more about this feature in our article.

  • Referral system

    Use your personal link in the control panel to attract referrals and get 12% or more of their costs on your personal account. You can use the funds to top up your balance in the system or to withdraw to bitcoin.

  • Affordable prices

    Free for home miners! The lowest service cost in the industry. Check out the price list here.

We use the most modern and proven miners:

Miner devFee Version Platform Updated at
Cpuminer-opt-JayDDee 0% 3.18.0 2021-10-04
Lolminer 0.7-2.5% 1.33 2021-10-04
Gminer 0.65-5% 2.70 2021-10-04
T-rex 1-3% 0.23.2 2021-09-29
Xmrig-unified 1% 6.15.1 2021-09-26
Nanominer 1-5% 3.3.12-cuda11 2021-09-26
Nbminer 0.65-3% 39.5 2021-09-24
Wildrig-multi 1% 0.29.0 2021-09-13
Bminer 0.65-2% 16.4.7-cccd70d 2021-09-12
Teamredminer 0.75-3% 0.8.5 2021-09-07
PhoenixMiner 0.65% 5.7b 2021-08-06
SRBMiner-MULTI 0-2.5% 0.7.9 2021-08-03
Miniz 0.75-2% 1.8y4rc1 2021-07-23
Cpuminer-opt-rplant-AMD 0% 5.0.22 2021-07-03
Cpuminer-opt-rplant 0% 5.0.22 2021-07-03
Kawpowminer 0% 1.2.4-cuda11 2021-05-24
Cryptodredge 1-2% 0.26.0 2021-01-11
TT-miner 0% 6.1.0 2020-11-29
Ethminer 0% 2020-10-29
NoncerPro-Cuda 2% 3.3.1 2020-07-03
Ccminer-djm34 0% 1.3.2 2020-04-22
Rhminer 1% 2.3 2020-04-03
Qitmeer 0% 0.4.1 2020-03-22
NoncerPro-Kadena 2% 2.2.0 2020-03-02
Сcminer-tpruvot 0% 2.3.1 2019-12-19
NoncerPro-Opencl 2% 3.0.2 2019-12-19
Claymore Dual 1% 15.0 2019-10-10
Xmrig 1% 3.2.0 2019-10-03
Ewbf 2% 0.6 2019-04-19

Are there any more questions?

Write to us via telegram or e-mail and we will help you to install and configure MinerOs free of charge as soon as possible.

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