Mass installation of the MinerOs image on any servers with dedicated IP

The MinerOs image can be successfully installed on any rig or server with a fixed IP address under any version of Ubuntu or Debian. It is enough to know the IP address, username and password in SSH.

Make sure that the servers where the installation will be carried out meet the system requirements and follow our step-by-step instruction.

AMD and Nvidia video cards overclocking in MinerOs

Overclocking of video cards in mining is very important thing for miners. As a rule, at standard frequencies, the hash rate on most algorithms will not be optimal. But the main thing is the competent downvolt of each card, otherwise the power consumption will be unreasonably high. Roughly speaking, the hashrate will be the same, and consumption is 2 times less on a correctly configured card. MinerOs supports overclocking and downvolting of both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards.