After installing MinerOs operating system on a USB flash drive/SSD or HDD you need to make sure that the configuration file, located in the root of the MinerOs, MINEROS_DISK:\auth.txt drive contains your emailwith which you are registered in the MinerOs system. 

Detailed information on how to burn MinerOS to disk is here.

Rig Setup Instruction

  • Insert the flash into your rig and turn it on.
  • Log into MinerOs.
  • Take a look at the dashboard in the control panel. A new rig should appear (default name - rig_001).


Let's start configuring the rig

  • Click on the name of the rig. 
  • Go to the tab - System settings & info

  • Enter the name of the rig in the namefield. This name will be used as an ID and you will see it in the statistics on the pool.
  • If you wish, fill in descriptionand location fields. You can also add a tag and assign it to rig. For example, you can bind all AMD rigs to a tag of the same name, and in the future, it will be easier to manage them. 


Creation of a mining task

  • Click on the Mining Tasks link in the site's header.
  • Press "+" to create a new task. 

  • Main coin is the coin we'll be mining. Some of the miners support double mining. If you want, you can choose a second coin for them (the field on the right is Second Coin).
  • Next, you need to select the miner program and its version. Compatible miners will be displayed automatically.
  • Choose mining pool and wallet. Both can be created by clicking on "+" to the right of the corresponding field. It is more likely that the desired pool will be in our list, as we regularly add new pools.
  • If necessary, click on the "Advanced options" button to fine-tune the selected miner. There you can adjust the command line or configuration files.
  • Click "Create task" button to create a task.


Applying of the created task to the rig system

  • Go back to the dashboard of the control panel and click on the name of the rig.

  • On the "Overclocking" tab, you can set overclocking for any algorithms. The overclocking of both AMD and Nvidia cards is supported.
  • Click on the takeoff rocket and choose the right mining task there.
  • After that, the task mining will be activated and statistics will be displayed.



You need a flash drive with burned MinerOs iso image. How to burn an iso - described here. Rename the rig for your convenience. Then create a mining task, which will have all the information needed for mining of the selected coin. Go to the rig page, overclock video cards if necessary, and then apply the previously created task to it. Wait a bit and enjoy the statistics in real-time. Read about configuring rig more detailed in the next article.