⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.5.7
✔️ Improved performance on algorithms 'ghostrider' and 'mike'
✔️ Improved performance on algorithm 'flex' for AVX2 CPU's
✔️ Miner now automatically allocates the needed number of huge pages on Linux (must run with root privileges)
✔️ Removed parameters: '--disable-cpu-optimisations', '--disable-hw-aes'
✔️ Randomx bug fixes
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ BzMiner v21.2.0
✔️ Updated Dynex for algo change
✔️ Updated Dynex auto chip tuning
✔️ Fixed instant crashes for many people (Default disable_cpu_metrics to true)kh/s stock). This is a new implementation and needs it's own OC settings for best efficiency.

⛏ nanominer v3.9.1
✔️ Fixed wrong reported hashrate ETC on some AMD GPUs.

⛏ miniZ v2.3c
✔️ Added support for PyrinHash algo – Pyrin (PYI), for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%.
✔️ Added support for KarlsenHash algo – Karlsen (KLS), Nexell-ia for NVIDIA. Fee: 0.8%.
✔️ Added support for dual mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash (X + PYI/KLS/NXL), for NVIDIA.(1)
✔️ Added support for triple mining with PyrinHash/KarlsenHash + Zilliqa (X + PYI/KLS/NXL + ZIL), for NVIDIA. (1)
✔️ Added --no-ocx option: miniZ will not run ocx at the begging (previous default). (2)
✔️ Added --powerf option: applies a fraction of the nominal power to all gpus. (requires sudo/administrator privileges)
✔️ Added various options for dual mining: --url2, --dualw, --dualw-all, --dual-mode, --dualmode-all.
✔️ Added --profit/--accprofit options to shows a rough estimate of daily/session profits on the console.
✔️ Improved automatic algo detection.
✔️ Removed support for obsolete Kepler GPUS in most algos. (Still possible with Ethash, ProgPoW, and Equihash 210,9).
✔️ Improved ocx functionality. On start, miniZ will take a few seconds to perform ocx.
✔️ Major improvement for ETH/progpow invalid/stale shares.
✔️ Various minor/major fixes.
(1) X refers to any miniZ supported algo. See FAQ.
(2) From this version, miniZ will always run at start ocx by default. You can use --no-ocx option to disable ocx from performing at the begining.

⛏ Rigel v1.17.3
✔️ (XEL) Performance / efficiency improvements (~10%)
✔️ Notes: In this version the miner needs about 2 minutes to tune internal parameters to achieve higher hashrate. It will print a message in the console when the tuning is over.
✔️ Bug fixes: GPU memory temperatures are not displayed on 555+ drivers

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.3.4
✔️ Dynex: Add support for the new enhanced core algorithm
✔️ Xelis: Performance Improvement; This version only supports pool mining.
✔️ The main target of Xelis optimization is Pascal gpus(p106-100 44 kh/s stock). This is a new implementation and needs it's own OC settings for best efficiency.

⛏ BzMiner v21.1.5
✔️ New Coin: aidepin
✔️ New Coin: aipg
✔️ Warthog: Optimized and fixed some stability issues
✔️ Warthog: Fixed crashing from previous beta
✔️ Warthog: Added CPU metrics (only linux has power and temp currently)
✔️ Warthog: Fixed CPUs showing up as GPU
✔️ Dynex: Fixed crashes every hour or so
✔️ New option: warthog_cache_config default is 0
✔️ New option: warthog_max_ram_gb is now a decimal
✔️ New option: disable_cpu_metrics set this to true if you experience crashing at startup
✔️ NOTE: Please wait 10-15 minutes for results to reach a balance and stabilize
✔️ NOTE: Please reset all warthog_verus_hr_target configs

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.5.2
✔️ Added algorithm 'randomscash' [Satoshi Cash] for CPU mining, fee 1.00%
✔️ Performance improvement on algorithm 'fishhash' for AMD Rx400/500 GPU's

⛏ BzMiner v21.0.3
✔️ New Coin: warthog
✔️ Added option warthog_cpu_threads - Number of threads to use to compute the verus hashes. Default is 0, use number of cores available
✔️ Added option warthog_max_ram_gb - Amount of RAM to use to store sha hashes while cpu threads are calculating verus hashes. Default is 4gb. Value of 0 will use max ram minux 1gb. If not enough avaiable ram, will use available ram minus 1gb. if still not enough ram, will use available ram / 2.
✔️ Added option warthog_verus_hr_target - Specify the amount of verus hashrate each gpu should provide to the verus workers. If all gpu's have a verus hashrate specified, calibration will be skipped. Hashrates are specified in hashes per second, and are separated by spaces. Default is 0

⛏ lolMiner v1.83
✔️ Due to popular demand added back codes for mining TON / GRAM. Use -a TON or -a GRAM to mine it.
Ton / Gram pool connector now detects pools lolminer.ton.ninja and gram.hashrate.to correctly with --ton-mode 6 and ninja.tonlens.com with --ton-mode 4 (fixed in this build, did not work with old versions of the miner)
✔️ Added Ton support for Nvidia ADA and AMD RDNA3 generation of GPUs
✔️ Note: Nvidia Drivers required are 525 or higher.
✔️ Old Ton dual mining codes and the solo mining mode are not available. For the dual codes hang on, we try getting them back.
✔️ The miner is compatible with all pools that add the old icemining style stratum (--ton-mode 6) or one of the old https dialects. Other https connectors are NOT supported, we highly encourage implementing a stratum over tcp approach for all pools.

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.4.7
✔️ Performance improvement on algorithm 'aurum' for AVX2 supported CPU's
✔️ Fixed broken 'yespower' algorithms
✔️ Fixed broken algorithm 'blake3_decred'
✔️ Fixed broken --gpu-coffset and --gpu-moffset parameters (Linux)
✔️ Added parameter '--cpu-numa-bind' which can force binding of CPU worker threads to a specific NUMA node (per algorithm)*
✔️ Default --esm (ethereum stratum mode) value for algorithms 'ethash' and 'etchash' is now 2 (EthereumStratum 1.0 + nicehash mode)
✔️ Renamed parameter 'disable-numa' to 'disable-numa-binding'
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ BzMiner v19.3.1
✔️ Dynex: Updated to latest protocol
✔️ Added new config option 'ssl_verify'
✔️ Dynex: caching jobs are enabled by default (value 1). can change with 'dynex_cache_mallob' option

⛏ Rigel v1.14.0
✔️ (ABEL) Add abelian algorithm (dev fee 1%, see abel bat/sh script)
✔️ Bug fixes: Miner fails to apply memory tweaks to Pascal GPUs

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.4.6
✔️ Added algorithm 'aurum' (BitNet) for CPU mining, fee 2.00%
✔️ Minor performance improvement on algorithm 'blake3_alephium'
✔️ Added support for algorithm 'cryptonight_turtle' on AMD gfx1100
✔️ Added Vega56/64 rocm binary for algorithm 'cryptonight_turtle'
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ BzMiner v19.3.0
✔️ Dynex: Fixed high diff shares being discarded
✔️ Dynex: Fixed bz version not being sent to the pool
✔️ Novo: Fixed extra nonce issue on woolypooly

⛏  nanominer v3.8.11
✔️ Added Karlsenhash (Karlsen network) support on AMD GPUs.