The MinerOs image can be successfully installed on any rig or server with a fixed IP address under any version of Ubuntu or Debian. It is enough to know the IP address, username and password in SSH.

Make sure that the servers where the installation will be carried out meet the system requirements:

  • 4GB RAM
  • 7GB free hard disk space
  • Ubuntu or Debian OS


Step-by-step instruction:

  • Log in to SSH in any of your rigs running MinerOs.
  • Go to the /home folder and create a text file from the lists of servers for installation:
cd /home
mcedit list.txt
  • Add a list of servers in the text file list.txt in the format below (ip:login:password) and press F2 to save the file:
  • Go to the /home/utils folder and run the installation script this way (./ -remote path_to_list.txt):
cd /home/utils
./ -remote /home/list.txt
  • The installation process has started. Set your PIN and email, if it was not automatically detected. Next, follow the instructions and wait for the script to complete
  • After the script finishes, wait 5 minutes and go to your Mining OS dashboard. You will see freshly added rigs. Their names will contain the IP addresses of the servers.