PIN is a security token. In order for the rig to reach the server, the PIN in the configuration file must match the PIN in the user profile in your account. By default, the PIN in both places is set to "12345".

How to connect rig with admin panel?

As you know, in order to associate mining rigs with the MinerOS control panel, an e-mail address in the configuration file is enough. It is very comfortable. You can download a personalized image from your personal account (which already contains your authorization e-mail) and burn it immediately to all rigs without changing anything in the settings. The name of the rig and other fields can be changed later from the control panel.

So why do you need a PIN?

If an attacker recognizes your authorization e-mail, he can add his rigs to your control panel by entering an e-mail in the config. The problem is not dangerous, and extremely rare, but we decided to protect ourselves from this situation by adding a PIN check. An attacker must also additionally know your PIN in order to do his dirty business.

How to change PIN?

  • When you download a personalized image from the "Download Image" page in your account there is a PIN field. The default PIN is 12345, you can enter any other and it will be registered on the fly in the downloaded image.
  • If you download the general image, then after burning the image, go to MINEROS_DISK://auth.txt on Windows, find the pin field there and change it as you need.
  • If you download the general image, then after burning the image mount the drive in Linux OS using the mount command and edit the auth.txt file there.
  • If the rig already works and you need to change the PIN, just go to the cd /config directory and edit the auth.txt file.