If this is your first time connecting the rig and you cannot see the nvidia cards, it is recommended to update the drivers for the video cards. Follow the instructions:

  • Go to the rig page, stop GPU and CPU miner and in the top menu click on "Shell start"

Start shell

  • A sign "> Shell start" will appear on the barn card. Click on it to get a link to access the SSH of the rig. The link looks like - "http://shell.mineros.info/ssh/?64GL8dzNCPCQDfe"

Run shell

  • Follow the link and get into the SSH of the rig. Press "q" and enter the command "nv_update" (without quotes)
  • The first step is to download the drivers that weigh 100-200 MB, then the installation takes place, and upon completion its rig will be rebooted. This process may take some time depending on your internet and CPU speed (~2-10 mins). You must wait while your rig will be rebooted!
  • After rebooting the rig, the cards should appear. The fact that the drivers have been updated can be seen on the rig page -> INFO AND SYSTEM in the NVIDIA DRIVER VERSION column