Requires hard drives with recorded plots. And a paid user account. If you have 3 rigs and want to use chia mining, then you need to go to the user profile -> billing and click on the "Activate Premium Account" button.

  1. Connect hard drives via any interface (USB/SATA/SAS).
  2. Go to the rig page -> HARD DISK MINING.
  3. On the mount tab, you need to mount the mounted drives to the appropriate folders. The folders must be created initially. Click on the "Load Discs" button. A list of devices appears. For example TOSHIBA External USB 3.0 (scsi) / dev / sdb2 4001GB. Associate each disk with the mount folder.
  4. Go to the Mining tab. Add the paths for the mapped folders, specify the API key for the hpool, as well as the scan time for the raft folder and click save.

After that, the chia screen will appear on the rig, the latest version of the miner will be downloaded and mining will begin. After the reboot, chia mining will start automatically.