If you need to replace an image with an older or newer one:
1. You need to go to SSH.
The rig page -> Shell Options -> Shell Start (or Local Web Shell, if you are on the same network as the rig)

2. Type the following command into the console:

3. After that, the menu of the utility for replacing the image will be displayed:

MinerOS Mass Migration Utility v5.0

         Make sure your ssh connection is stable, better to rerun this script in GNU screen or tmux
         Writing log to /root/minerosmigrate.log

getting versions list... ok
Please select mineros version number:

[1]: mineros 5.3 [release] (Ubuntu 20.04.6, kernel 5.15.110, amd opencl legacy+rocm 22.40, nvidia 525.85.05)
[2]: mineros 5.2 [release] (Ubuntu 20.04.2, kernel 5.10.92, amd opencl legacy+pal 20.40, nvidia 470.94)
Please select mineros version:

4. Available versions of images from the repository will be loaded. You need to enter the number of the desired image (eg 1) and press ENTER.

5. The next step is to choose where we change the image.
   a) If on the local machine (from which the migrate.sh command was called), then enter yes in the input field. Then confirm your choice again by typing YES. Next, you need to wait for the system update process to complete. This may take a long time, depending on your internet connection. Wait for the process to finish and after the reboot you will already be on the new system. All configs and tasks will also be transferred.
   b) If in the local network, then set the PIN, which will be assigned to all involved rigs. If you press ENTER without specifying a PIN code, then the default PIN will be written - 12345.
      The next step is to specify a range of local IP addresses to scan to find rigs to update the system.
      The next step is to enter a login for SSH access. For minerOS, this is mine.
      The next step is to enter the password for SSH access. For minerOS, this is mine.
After scanning, the script will determine the hosts for updating the system and begin the process. This may take a long time. It is necessary to expect.

We wish you a successful update!