Modern mining farms usually make with cheap motherboards for socket LGA1151 with the cheapest CPU for this platform — Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G3900 or Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU G3930. It is a 2-core processor with 2Mb of level 3 cache, supporting AES instructions and produced using 14 nm technology. Almost nobody uses it for mining, however, if you look at it, it has some potential!

Monero network has forked recently, aimed at reducing the share of GPU, and increase the CPU of miners. The owners of botnets will thank the network very much for this hard-fork, as well as simple miners. After all, they managed to make the Celeron gives out about as many hashes as an RX 470/570 class video card.

The performance of the Celeron G3900/G3930 processors on the RandomX algorithm, on the correct settings, is 500–530 H/s. The processor does not consume any additional power! Anyway, I spent an hour measuring Rig’s consumption with 8xRX570 4gb cards periodically turning on and off CPU mining, but the wattmeter has not shown any significant increase in consumption. In other words, all the hashes from the CPU of this class are like a bonus :) By the way, I have also tested the speed on the ancient Celeron G1840 without AES support, and the performance was 250 H/s.

A little bit of counting…

The 50 rigs began to bring $2.83 per day or $85 per month. Not too little to ignore such income at a difficult time for the miners.

Setting up the mining process on the CPU in MinerOS

The MinerOS Mining Platform, as you have probably already understood, supports simultaneous Mining on the GPU + CPU. All you need to do is create a mining task for an XMR or SFX coin (it’s currently more profitable) in a way that’s more convenient:

Then you need to throw the created task on any Rig, on which something is already mining on the GPU. As a result, the picture is as follows:

P.S. Xmrig-unified 5.5.0 miner is used. For our clients, we compile new versions of this miner ourselves, and set dev fee at 0% (developers plz forgive us). If you earn enough money and/or you want to donate to the author of this software, specify in the command line parameters

 — donate-level=N

N is the percentage of the developer’s fee.


A couple of years ago, i was not good idea, but now we think the CPU mining as a supplement may be appropriate. No extra cost, except 3 minutes to create an extra task in MinerOS. If you have many rigs, I think it’s worth it. But it’s up to everyone to decide.

Good luck and profitable mining with our mining OS!