Mining, as a way to mine cryptocurrency, is an effective opportunity for investment and profit generation. High profitability from the results of the mining farm attracts professional miners and beginners.

In order to receive passive income with minimum investments, rigs for mining are used. The rig is a device, represents a part or an element of a mining farm and serves for the production of the cryptocurrency. Rigs consist of a motherboard with an installed processor and RAM, power supplies and racks with video cards.

The rigs represent a complete station for mining. What platform to use in order to have a whole range of mining tools and control the process from anywhere in the world? Such a complex is offered by MinerOs - a platform for mining and management of mining farms.

MinerOs is a stable platform for miners based on ubuntu-linux. Quick installation on any USB-flash/SSD/HDD and convenient management of all processes via Web.

MinerOs is an easy to set up and stable platform for efficient management of a group of rigs. The system is capable of providing full remote access and stable mining.

MinerOs clients receive:

✓ The ability to monitor the functioning of the entire system

✓ A set of tools for monitoring

✓ An extended list of settings and easy management

✓ Remote full farm access

✓ Available tariffs and free package for up to 3 devices

  1. Easy operation and fast installation are possible in most Rigs configurations.
  2. Tracking Riga Mining in real-time. Application of all tasks, change of settings and acceleration profiles in a few seconds.
  3. The range of Graphics Processor settings is wide enough to achieve optimal graphics card performance. Support for all modern video cards NVIDIA and AMD.
  4. Features for efficient use of Rig Mining: support for hardware Rigs, AMD/Nvidia Mixed Rigs, small OS size, get notifications about Rig performance as well as lower hashing speed, high temperatures, etc.

Installation is done within a few minutes by recoding the iso to a USB-drive (at least 8Gb) with the e-mail address in the “auth.txt” file.

The MinerOs platform allows you to adjust the clock speed and voltage of the GPU and memory, fan speed and much more for maximum speed and mining.