MinerOS Installation

MinerOs installation is very simple and fast process for everybody, including non-linuxoids. First of all you need any USB-stick or SSD/HDD drive 8Gb minimum and mining rig with 2Gb+ RAM.

Process overview

There are 2 way of installation: classical and express. 

  1. Express method is fast and super easy. You need to register and login to MinerOs user panel. Then goto Download Image page from the upper menu and click Download. That’s all. You will get the latest personalized .ISO image of MinerOs. Auth data will be ingected into it automatically and image will be compressed on the fly. Wait until ~950Mb will be downloaded and unpack it using gunzip or rar (in windows). Then burn it to USB-flash using dd or HddRawCopy (windows tool).
  2. Classical method is to download public .ISO, unpack it and burn to the USB-flash using upper-mentioned method. Then you will need to go to MINEROS:\auth.txt and set your e-mail as authentication token.

Anyway detailed step-by-step instruction (2 methods) is bellow:

1.Register using your working e-mail and sign in to user panel
This e-mail will be nessessary for rig authentication.

2. Login to the Control Panel -> Download image and click Download to get personalized image file. Your e-mail will be automatically injected to the config file and will be compressed by gzip on the fly. Download size will be ~950Mb. Be patient and wait while it will be downloaded fully. If you use personalized image you can skip step 4 because all auth data will be already in the config file. You can also download not personalized Image and follow step 4 to add auth info in the config file.

3. Burn image on your storage device (8Gb minimum) using HDDRawCopy
Linux and Mac users can use dd to write RAW image to disk. Something like dd if=mineros-x.xx.img of=/dev/sdb bs=10M status=progress.

4. After image is flashed you will see newly created windows drive in your system where you will be able to edit auth.txt and/or network.txt files. First one have your auth info. The most important data there is your e-mail. Paste your email which was used in step 1 and save it.

Other fields in auth.txt: Name — is default rig name (you can change it in the user panel later). PIN — is security token. You can set your custom pin, but don’t forget to set the same digit in the user panel! By default it is set to 12345. UniqId — this field should be empty for new rigs. If you want to assign current rig to existing one (in the user panel) place the UniqId from rig’s settings there. Network.txt file is your network settings. By default DHCP is enabled. If you need to set static IP you can edit this file. Wi-Fi is not supported yet, sorry.

5. Boot the rig and you will see it on the dashboard. Then you will need to create a mining task and setup overclocking, if needed. That’s it!

If you cannot start a rig please check your BIOS settings:

  • Enable 4G encode
  • Upgrade bios to newest if possible
  • Enable legacy boot mode
  • Disable virtualization

AMD and Nvidia video cards overclocking in MinerOs Extra income: GPU mining on the rig