MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 18.

What's new?

⚙️ In the overclocking modal window for each card, a field has been added to run an arbitrary script (for example, amdmemtweak with timings for VEGA)
⚙️ Improved overclocking of AMD video cards (fix for mixed card indexes)

TeamRedMiner v0.7.8 (ready for the upcoming XHV/Haven Protocol hard fork, which is expected to happen on 07/20/2020; small optimization for Nimiq: 1-2% maximum mainly on Vega and Navi; some bugs fixed)
Gminer v2.19 (improved performance on Cuckarooz29)
Bminer v16.2.9 (improved performance on Cuckarooz29)

2020-07-20 09:26:23

What's new?

PhoenixMiner v5.1b (added support for VRAM timing adjustments for Nvidia cards of 10x0 series: new command-line parameters '-straps', '-vmt1', '-vmt2', '-vmt3', and '-vmr'; added '-ttli' option to automatically decrease the mining speed to avoid overheating the GPUs over the target temperature; many other small improvements and fixes; added support for latest AMD drivers 20.20-1089974)
Gminer v2.18 (added Cuckarooz29 algorithm)
Bminer v16.2.8 (added support Cuckaroo29z algorithm for the GRIN hardfork, various performance improvements on the AMD cards on Ethash)
NanoMiner v1.9.6 (XMR mining: fixed miner termination in case there are no jobs for 10 minutes)
XMRig v6.3.0 (added support for upcoming Haven offshore fork; RandomX: added new option 'cache_qos' in randomx object for cache QoS support; CryptoNight OpenCL: fix for long input data; Compiled with 0% DevFee)

2020-07-17 08:53:15

What's new?

⚙️ Introduced full support for NAVI cards [AMD Radeon RX 5700/5600/5500 (XT), AMD Radeon VII], including overclocking and mixed rigs
⚙️ Added display of GDDR6 memory temperature
⚙️ Solved the problem with amdcovc error
⚙️ Added new roles, while providing access to the farm to other participants [Administrator, supermoderator, tech support]
⚙️ Created a mechanism for integrating the OS (management and farm stats) into third-party pools. Interested pool owners - hit me up
⚙️ The new Nvidia driver NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-450.57 is added and is ready for installation using the nv_update script

lolMiner v1.04 (Slightly improved performance (2-5%) on all AMD cards on Beam Hash III, most significant (about 7%) on Navi GPUs; Fixed a bug that caused linux build to load 3G solver on a 4G GPU on some distributions & driver although enough space was available; Some small internal fixes)
XMRig v6.2.3 (AstroBWT: fixed OpenCL compilation on some systems; KawPow: optimized CPU share verification, fixed DAG initialization on slower AMD GPUs, fixed rare duplicate share errors; RandomX: added error message when MSR mod fails, small speedup on Ryzen CPUs; fixed GPU health readings for pre Vega GPUs; added results and connection reports. Compiled with 0% DevFee)

2020-07-13 08:22:01

What's new?

Gminer v2.15 (added Cuckaroo29b algorithm for TUBE/BitTube hardfork)
Bminer v16.2.7 (improved performance for the BeamHashIII, fix compatibility issues with Beam mining pools, reduced rejection rates for all miners)
lolMiner v1.03 (added new BeamHashIII 4G solver, replaces the 6G solver on AMD Vega GPUs and earlier: +5-8% performance on RX 580 and Vega GPUs; added new BeamHashIII 6G solver on ROCm and for AMD Navi GPUs: +8-10% performance on Navi cards)

2020-07-09 10:59:34

What's new?

⚙️ New image - 4.10. Features:
Ubuntu 20.04, kernel 5.6.19, amd: opencl legacy+pal 20.10, nvidia: 440.100
Improved network performance. For whom DHCP or Wi-fi did not work, try this image
Improved the work of the mass migration script 'migrate.sh'. Added option '-imageurl' to force image installation, as well as other improvements and increased stability. Type 'migrate.sh -help' at the command line for more information.
⚙️ New image - 4.11. Features:
Beta image. Everything is the same as in 4.10, except AMD drivers.
amd: opencl legacy+pal 20.20 with dkms
⚙️ Reworked overclocking for AMD cards. Added Advanced mode in which DPM is specified manually. Who does not know what it is, it is highly recommended not to touch it. And also added new fields:
VDDC (mV) - is the GPU core voltage
VDDCI (mV) - is the I/O bus voltage (between memory and GPU core) and comes from the PCI-Express slot
MVDD (mV) - is the memory voltage

WildRig-Multi v0.25.2 (fixed crash after devfee for progpow variants, fixed wrong logic for temp limits which was broken since version 0.25.0; initial support for AMD hardware monitoring)
NoncerPro Nimiq CUDA v3.3.1 (added '--extra', '-x' option for solo mining on icemining pool, usage: -x="m=solo"; fixed compute_70 (v100 cards) issue on Linux, usage: --log false)

2020-07-03 20:17:59