MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 19.

What's new?

lolMiner v1.06 (Added support for Cuckaroo-29B (Bittube, use --algo CR29-40 to mine it) for 6GByte and higher cards; Added support for Cuckaroo-29S (Swap, use --algo CR29-32 to mine it) for 6GByte and higher cards; New feature: Use "--devicesbypcie" to make "--devices" recognize PCIE-Bus : PCIE-Address pairs instead of the normal numberation; Added currently connected pool and total uptime of the miner to the longer statistics; Improved Beam stratum: For Beam the miner now can distinguish between stale and normal rejected shares. Requires pool to send block height (currently not on Nicehash, other pools work fine). Also the assignment of shares towards GPUs should now work better then before; Fixed bug: Beam Hash III 3G miner not starting up in 1.05; Fixed bug: Miner crashed when a CPU only OpenCL platform (e.g. pocl) was found)
Gminer v2.21 (major performance improvement for BeamHashIII algorithm)

2020-08-11 07:49:37

What's new?

⚙️ Improved overclocking for all AMD (including Navi) and NVIDIA GPUs. Now only the changed overclocking parameter is applied on every GPU in the rig. This feature have increased the speed of applying overclocking, and also reduced the possibility of the rig freezing when applying overclocking while mining.

CryptoDredge v0.24.0 (Improve Argon2d (NIM) algorithm; Add '--recompute' option to set memory reduction factor (argon2d-nim only); Fix high CPU usage on MTP-like, Argon2-like and CryptoNight-like algorithms; Slightly improve Chukwa (Argon2-512) and Ninja (Argon2-256) algorithms; MTP: Fix memory leaks; New CryptoNightTLO algorithm; Fix CryptoNightHaven issue related to 'Unsupported blob size'; New sha256csm algorithm; Add --sni option to enable SNI (Server Name Indication) for the pool connection; Other minor fixes)
Nanominer v1.10.0 (Added KawPoW (Ravencoin) algorithm support for Nvidia; Includes several know-how memory optimizations for longer mining on a 3 GB Nvidia cards)

2020-08-08 19:37:02

What's new?

Bminer v16.2.12 (improve performance of the Cuckaroo29z miner)
TeamRedMiner v0.7.9 (fixes for mixed OpenCL rigs, added '--eth_epoch' argument for easier epoch testing; added '--eth_aggr_mode' for automatic aggressive 'B' mode on Polaris 8GB gpus; added '--watchdog_disable' argument)
lolMiner v1.05 (Improved performance of Beam Hash III for all supported 4G and higher cards by 4-8% depending on model; Added highly experimental support (untested) for Beam Hash III on blockchain drivers for Polaris 10, Fiji and Hawaii GPUs; Added highly experimental support (untested) for Beam Hash III on Kepler (SM 3.2 and higher); Fixed bug: Mining Cuckarood-29 not starting up; Fixed bug: Mining on Nvidia GPUs crashed after few seconds when NVML library was not found; Fixed bug: Mining Beam Hash III on some 8G cards did not start up)
XMRig v6.3.1 (added command line options '--randomx-cache-qos' and '--argon2-impl'; Compiled with fresh libs: libuv 1.38.1, hwloc 2.2.0 and with 0% DevFee)

2020-08-04 13:02:40

What's new?

miniZ v1.6v5 (fixed some issues of previous version)
Gminer v2.20 (improved Cuckarooz29 algorithm on RTX cards)
PhoenixMiner v5.1c (added more Pascal-based Nvidia cards to the list of supported Nvidia cards for memory timings; added new parameter '-nvmem' to force using straps even on unsupported Nvidia GPUs: use '-nvmem 1' for GDDR5 cards, or '-nvmem 2' for GDDR5X cards; removed some dead ethash-based altcoins and updated the support for the rest of them; other small fixes)

2020-07-24 10:29:44

Что нового?

Bminer v16.2.11 (improved Cuckarooz29 algorithm; fixed fidelity issues for GRIN)
miniZ v1.6v4 (structural software improvements: size <16Mb; speed improvements for BeamHashIII; fixed invalid shares on AION/F2Pool; faster feedback on miniZ start; fixed some more stability issues that caused unusual random crashes)

2020-07-22 08:08:34