MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 22.

What's new?
⚙️ Added the ability to pay for the service using the oplata.info payment processor. Now you can pay in addition to cryptocurrencies by the following methods: Webmoney, Qiwi, Yandex.money, Bank card, Alipay, Sms and others
⚙️ Updated utilities for working with AMD video cards
⚙️ Fixed BIOS BIOS issue for AMD cards
⚙️ Minor user interface enhancements
⛏ Gminer v1.98 (improved handshake performance, reduced devfee to 2% for handshake)
⛏ XMRig (unified) v5.7.0 (added SOCKS5 proxies support for Tor, fixed duplicate jobs in solo mining mode, slightly speedup by 0.3-0.4% on RandomX depending on CPU)

2020-02-28 19:47:43

What's new?
⚙️ Simplified binding to telegram bot. Now just one click from the control panel to subscribe.
⚙️ Added function to limit the work of miners by time. For example, you can configure the miner to work only at night (when the cost of electricity is minimal). Set your time zone in the user profile, and then specify the time interval on the Rig's page -> System Settings.
⚙️ Added HNS coin on bl2bsha3 algorithm to the system
⚙️ The problem with updating the interface when executing commands has been fixed
⛏ Bminer v16.0.7 (Initial support for Ethash mining, as well as dual mining of Ethash and Handshake on AMD)
⛏ lolMiner v0.9.8.1 (improved GRIN-C29M by +7-12% depending on the card, added support for AMD 5500/5600 series cards on all Grin algorithms, added BEAM support on 5500/5600/5700 cards)

2020-02-25 07:46:41

What's new?
⚙️ AMD overlocking has been improved. In some cases, the specified overclocking was not applied on one card.
⚙️ In the rig's settings, a coefficient has been added that corrects the display of the energy consumption of the worker. By default, "Power Multiplier" = 1.
⛏ NBMiner v27.2 (improve Handshake algo performance on AMD GPUs) 
⛏ NanoMiner v1.8.2 (network stability improved)

2020-02-22 13:29:16

What's new?
⚙️ Great speedup of the interface
⚙️ User panel translation into RUSSIAN language
⚙️ Minor fixes in GUI
⛏ XMRig (unified) v5.6.0 (fixed generic OpenCL code for AMD Navi GPUs, added health information for AMD GPUs, fixed possible Nicehash nonce overflow in some conditions)
⛏ Bminer v16.0.6 (improved the performance of Cuckaroo29m, fix the regression that the Cuckatoo/Cuckoo miners failed to start)
⛏ NBMiner v27.0 (added support for HNS and HNS_ETH mining for Nvidia GPUs, minor bug fix and improvements) 
⛏ CPUminer-opt-rplant v4.5.4 (new codebase, optimized lyra2, optimized minotaur AES/SSE4.2, improved yescryptr8g and lyra2z330 if HT enabled)

2020-02-19 08:27:05

What's new?
⚙️ Added support of mining nvidia cards P106-090, P106-100, P104-100, P102-100
⛏ NanoMiner v1.8.1 (fixed issue with incorrect Ethash pool protocol auto-detection on some connections, removed pool.pascalpool.org from list of default Pascal pools)
⛏ RHminer v2.2b (improved pool connection, code cleanup and minor improvements, removed pool.pascalpool.org)
⛏ CryptoDredge v0.23.0 (new algos: mtp-tcr, cn-upx2, cn-zls; improved mtp, cn-gpu; bug fixes)
⛏ CPUminer-opt-rplant v4.0.31 (added algos: minotaur, lyra2tdc)

2020-02-15 14:58:01