You will find useful articles about our operating system and the global mining industry here. There are also step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the MinerOs platform, including overclocking video cards and much more. Page 2.

Auto-switching of mining tasks depending on profitability in MinerOS

Starting from 2018, miners have to survive to stay “afloat”. If in 2017 to pay 3 dollars a month for the “popular service for rig mining monitoring” was easy, now it is much more difficult. Actually, for this reason, a new OS monitoring service with the price 3 times cheaper has appeared. But this is not what we are talking about now. Miners have become in so difficult situation that they have not only to save on software for monitoring but also to optimize their revenues. The days when miners put on the “air” and forgot about everything for months are gone. Now you need to search for the most favorable coins for a particular type of video card. But even here it is not so simple: even for one day the coin that was the most profitable can generally go into the minus by income, then you need to analyze and manually include another coin in the mining process.

How quickly to switch from any Linux to MinerOs?

If you are already using some kind of Linux assembly for mining and want to switch to MinerOs as fast as possible and without stopping the mining — it’s quite easy to do it by following the instructions below.

MinerOs - linux-based platform for mining

Mining, as a way to mine cryptocurrency, is an effective opportunity for investment and profit generation. High profitability from the results of the mining farm attracts professional miners and beginners. In order to receive passive income with minimum investments, rigs for mining are used. The rig is a device, represents a part or an element of a mining farm and serves for the production of the cryptocurrency. Rigs consist of a motherboard with an installed processor and RAM, power supplies and racks with video cards.