⛏ BzMiner v12.2.0
* Improved Kaspa hashrate
* Improved Ergo + Kaspa hashrate
* Improved Zil oc switch stability
* Optimized CPU work loop(along with rest of algos support)
* ADDED KASPA COMMUNITY FUND BY DEFAULT (can optionally disable with disable_community_fund option)
* Temporarily disabled Intel GPU's for this release
* Renamed blockchain_fee to community_fund
* Fixed Kaspa solo on pool
* Fixed k1poolzil (force_algo2 option)
* Fixed "oc_delay_ms" in config.txt constantly adding values each run
* Fixed Kaspa rejected shares for AMD
* Fixed Non-ZMP Zil pools disconnecting periodically
* Fixed power limit issue
* Fixed Radiant on AMD not mining
* Fixed Etc/Ethw algos on AMD
* Fixed duplicate radiant shares issue

⛏ lolMiner v1.64
* Improved Kaspa only mining performance. Speed increase is about 8-8.5% on Nvidia Pascal GPUs, 4.5-5% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere GPUs and 3-4% on AMD Navi and Big Navi GPUs
* Beta feature: added options to set core clock offset (--coff), memory clock offset (--moff), power limit (--pl) and a fixed fan speed (--fan) on common Nvidia GPUs. Required are admin privileges and Nvidia drivers 520 or higher!
The syntax is the same as with --cclk and --mclk - if a single value is given then it will be applied to all compatible GPUs, else a coma separated list of values can be given using a * character to skip over GPUs.
* Added a new parameter --no-oc-reset to turn off the reset of overclock settings when ending the miner.
* Fixing a bug with ETHV1 (nicehash) stratum mode that may cause the worker name to be appended twice when it was given by --user . (the use of --worker did not have this issue).

⛏ Gminer v3.15
* added ability to lock memory clock on Ampere and newest GPUs (--lock_mclock), useful to decrease power usage in Kaspa only mining mode
* improved Kaspa, Etc + kaspa, Ergo + Kaspa mining performance on Turing, Ampere and Ada architecture, also decreased power usage
* fixed bug with stale shares for Kaspa, Etc + kaspa, Ergo + Kaspa, this fix will significantly increase pool hashrate

⛏ miniZ v1.9z5
* AMD improvements 125,4 and 144,5 up to 10%, depending on GPUs and OCs
* Added --fanspeed-all/--fantemp-all options to set fan control for all GPUs
* Added --fanmax option, works only with --fantemp. If not used fan max is 99
* Added --power option to AMDs, on Linux
* Added --gpuoffset/--memoffset options for NVIDIA GPUs, on Linux. (Will only work if there’s a Xorg running with a configured GPU.)
* Added fan core/memory clocks, and speed information (%) to Telemetry
* Added support for RX 5500 and AMD R9 390
* Fixed --ocX on ethash
* Fixed UBQ stale share on start
* Fixed Worker name that was not consistent, on ZergPool
* Fixed 144,5 broken kernels
* Removed LHR kernels

⛏ miniZ v1.9z4
* Major performance improvements for 125,4 on all gpus. Up to 20%
* Performance improvements for 150,5 on all gpus
* Added ubqhash algorithm for Ubiq (UBQ) mining
* Added AMD support for all progpow algos
* Added fan/target temperature control option --fantemp
* Changed AMD GPU order to PCI order
* Added AMD fan control
* Added support for NVIDIA RTX 40XX GPUs
* Fixed issue with Telemetry
* Fixed Ampere modes that were not launching well on Aion mining
* Fixed 96,5 support
* Added reset value to power option. --power=1 will reset to stock value. (0 to ignore)
* Power option shows range when trying to set different value
⛏ nanominer v3.7.4
* Significantly improved Ethash performance in Intel Arc (up to 40%);
* Removed LHR unlocker for new Nvidia drivers.
Ethash Intel Arc performance:
Intel Arc a380: 10.2 MH/s -> 14.6 MH/s.

⛏ miniZ v1.9z3
* Fixed AMD fan display, on Linux.
* Added --hideclocks option to hide clocks from output.
* Added socks information to console/file mining log.
* Improved invalid/stale shares on progpow/ethash/octopus.
* Fixed issues with KawPow mining.(Ravencoin, Sato, KawKaw, Neoxa, Arielcoin…)
* Improved stability.
⛏ Nanominer v3.7.3
* Fixed bug in authorizing wallet + ID in some VerusCoin pools.
* Fixed several ZIL issues.
* Changed default coin to ETC.
* Removed automatic switch from ETH to ETC.
* Added config for ETHW (Ethereum-Pow)
⛏ BzMiner v12.0.2
* Added support for 40 series Nvidia cards
* Fixed duplicate shares issue in dual +radiant combos
* New coin: Radiant (1.0% dev fee)
* New coin: Ethw (0.5% dev fee)
* New coin: Meowcoin (0.5% dev fee)
* New optimized combo (dual): ethw + radiant
* New optimized combo (dual): ethw + kaspa
* New optimized combo (dual): etc + radiant
* New optimized combo (dual): ergo + radiant
* Allow clock offset AND locked clocks (indirectly control voltage)
* Higher intensities for second algo in dual mode now possible
* Stabilized OC switch between zil and other algos
* Added --oc_script option for changing AMD OC on zil switch using third party software
* Added "zil" support for ezil
* Added zil estimated time to next window
* Added support for k1pool "zil" only
* Fixed ixi + zil
* Fixed other +zil bugs
* Added new table column option pstate
* Improved auto fan feature (stays exactly at specified temp)
* Added precise config.txt loading error messages
* Warning when \ is specified in filenames rather than \\ on windows
* Lock OC (does not change) when generating dag (in dual/tri mining)
* Disable logging to file by default
* Fixed console output (no output or large characters)
* Fixed auto protocol detection for 2miners
* Removed ESC key listener on linux
* Fixed unlock clocks not working with reset all oc
* Fixed hashpool for kaspa
* Other stability fixes (crashes, network disconnects)
⛏ Gminer v3.10
* added support of Nvidia RTX 40xx GPUs
* display memory temperature under Linux on latest Nvidia drivers
* added Aeternity support for Nvidia GPUs
* improved Ergo compatibility with mining pools (f2pool)
* improved balance displaying
* added KHeavyHash (KASPA) algorithm for Nvidia GPUs
* added ETC+KASPA, ETHW+KASPA, ERGO+KASPA dual solver for Nvidia GPUs
* improved KASPA mining performance on GTX 10x0 GPUs
⛏ Team Red Miner v0.10.5.1
* Kaspa single algo - fixed critical bug sometimes delaying shares, resulting in pool rejects.
* Kaspa single algo - fixed solo mining against the Kaspa stratum bridge or other setups with no extranonce sent.
⛏ lolMiner v1.61
* slightly improved performance of Flux mining on Nvidia Ampere and Turing cards, approx 1.5-2.5% vs v1.60