⛏ GMiner v2.85
* added toncoinpool.io support
⛏ Teamredminer v0.9.4.2
* Fixed eth+ton issue that could lead to a higher eth shares stale rate. Primarily for large gpus (6800/6900XT) with aggressive tuning
* Internal split of binaries helping some Vegas and Navis with crash issues on ethash from 0.9.2 and forward
⛏ PhoenixMiner v6.0c
* Added support for new AMD Linux drivers up to version 21.50
* Other small fixes

⛏ GMiner v2.83
* Added wss protocol support for TON mining, now miner support all major mining pools: ton-pool.com, tonwhales.com and icemining.ca; 
* Fixed miner crash on TON connection loss in dual mining
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.9.2
* Added algorithm dynamo for GPU mining and lowered devfee to 1%
* some other improvements and fixes
⛏ PhoenixMiner v6.0b
* Implemented partial unlocking of Nvidia LHR cards. By default they are detected automatically, and unlocked with the default unlock intensity. If you want to try higher (or lower) LHR unlock intensity, use the new -lhr command line parameter
* If an Nvidia LHR card locks up because of high -lhr (the default is -lhr 520, which will work with most cards), the card will be unlocked again, and the -lhr value will be lowered if necessary to avoid further lock ups
* Show the DAG epoch and DAG size in the log
* Multiple other small fixes and improvements

⛏ GMiner v2.82
* fixed incorrect displaying of TON hashrate in dual mining on LHR GPUs (miner lowered hashrate more than twice on console in older versions, real hashrate will be x2+)
* display additional information for dual mining: dual server, pool speed, shares per minute
* support --worker/--dworker for TON stratum
⛏ Teamredminer v0.9.4
* Navi/Big Navi rewrite for eth+ton, increased hashrates on both algos and more stable setup.
* Navi/Big Navi eth+ton rigs with stale eth issues should be fixed.
* Pool outage for dual algo now results in eth mining only instead of pausing. This will reduce crashes.
* Fixed a potential deadlock when mining eth+ton. Rigs that have gotten strange "crashes" should upgrade, especially when coupled with a network or pool outage.
* Added --dual_tuner_step and --dual_tuner_period to configure the dual tuner accuracy.
* Fixed race bug for ethash where gpus could accidentally build a dag for epoch 0 at startup.

⛏ GMiner v2.81
* added support of stratum protocol for TON
* support specifying of protocol in --server (--server https://server / stratum+tcp://tcp.server:4001)
⛏ lolMiner v1.46a
* Fixed some bugs with v1.46: miner to sometimes end up in an infinite re-connect cycle - instead of actually reconnecting; 
* Option --maxdualimpact not having effect on some Nvidia cards

⛏ lolMiner v1.44
* Added experimental Ethash + Ton dual mining kernels for Nvidia Pascal generation GPUs
* Setting the parameter --maxdualimpact 0 will now completely disable dual mining on this card
* Setting the parameter --dualdevices can now be used to make GPUs mine Ton only in Eth+Ton dual mode
* Automatic tuning for dual mining will now always make sure the parameter is adjusted so the GPUs start on both algorithms if --maxdualimpact isn't set
Bugs fixed:
* Fixed a bug that might cause a SIGSEV or SIGPIPE crash in some cases
* Fixed a bug that caused the miner to enter re-connect routine when one endpoint of a Ton - pool did not work, although other endpoints did connect well
* Fixed a bug with icemining.ca Ton stratum not sending correct job id when dual mining on AMD cards
Known issues:
* Temporarily disabled the ZIL cache function on AMD GPUs, because it sometimes did not swap clearly
⛏ XMRig v6.16.4
* Fixed unaligned memory accesses
* Fixed donation for GhostRider/RTM