⛏ PhoenixMiner v5.8b 
* implemented optimized kernels for AMD RX6600XT cards
* added support for the latest AMD Linux drivers
* kernels for AMD Polaris changed to support latest drivers: it's very small speed improvement < 0.1% on average
* other fixes and small improvements
⛏TeamRedMiner v0.8.6.2
* added a synthetic algo mtp_firopow that will use the correct algo given the system time and shut down the miner at the time of the Firo fork on Oct 26, 2021; 
* split the ethash and progpow algos into separate binaries, mainly for some Vegas that ran into stability issues going from 0.8.5 to 0.8.6; 
* added support autolykos2 for Tonga GPUs; 
* changed the default SSL behavior to not provide a SNI hostname during handshake: this simplifies running tunnels against TLS/SSL ports on public pools
⛏ lolMiner v1.34 
* rework of LHR semi-unlocker: improved performance of RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti by up to 2%, generally allowing a bit less core clock; auto tuning will now be quicker to reasonable hashrates; improved stability on found parameters; 
* added support of RTX A6000 / RTX A5000 / RTX A4000 (and future RTX A2000) Nvidia workstation GPUs; 
* reduced RAM usage of Nvidia Ethash solver; 
* other improvements and minor bug fixes: see full miner's changelog
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.8.1 
* added algorithms: firopow, kawpow, progpow variants for mining EPIC/SERO/VEIL/VBK for CPU/GPU mining, fee 0.85%,
* added algorithms: astrobwt, minotaurx for CPU mining, fee 0.85%; 
* lowered devfee for lyra2v2_webchain algorithm to 0.85%; 
* small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm for RX550 & RX560 GPU's; 
* added shares statistics per GPU; 
* other improvements and minor bug fixes: see full miner's changelog
⛏NanoMiner v3.3.14 
* update to fulfill Nicehash requirements
⛏ miniZ v1.8y4rc2
* added support for RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti LHR GPUs, on ethash.
* improved performance for mining locked LHR GPUs while mining ETH.
* improved --tune option for better GPU tuning, see FAQ; 
* small improvements for 3060 on Equihash 144/5

⛏ T-Rex v0.23.2
* fixed issue with CPU validation incorrectly detects invalid shares after epoch change on octopus algo
* fixed issue caused miner crush sometimes when validate-shares is enabled on autolykos2 algo
⛏ Gminer v2.70
* improved auto-tune for LHR GPUs, now miner speedup performance when GPU is steady
* removed --lhr_tune1 / --lhr_tune2 parameters, use --lhr_tune to tune LHR GPUs: value range is -10..10, old parameters ignored for compatibility
* display current --lhr_tune value and current kernel in statistics table
⛏ lolMiner v1.33
* complete rework of LHR semi-unlock feature: 
    - better performance of LHR semi-unlock 
    - automatically detected LHR GPUs option --mode not needed anymore 
    - option --lhrtune has now default value of auto for an automatic tuning;
* other changes and bug fixes, see miner release notes for full details
* recommended driver for LHR v2: 470.74 
⛏ CPUminer-Opt-JayDDee v3.18.0
* complete rewrite of Scrypt code: 
    - up to 50% increase in hashrate 
    - support AVX512 & SHA support for SHA256
* improved stale share handling for all algorithms
* other improvements and bug fixes

⛏ T-Rex v0.23.1
* removed telnet API
* multiple bug fixes
⛏ GMiner v2.69 
* added auto-tune for LHR GPUs, enabled by default, to disable pass --lhr_autotune 0
* increased reconnect tries on connection loss --reconnect_count
⛏ NanoMiner v3.3.12
* added support verthash for AMD GPUs
* fixed issues on kawpow with Nvidia driver v470.57
* reduced stale shares on kawpow
* fixed miner crush when started with some AMD GCN3 and older GPUs
⛏ NBMiner v39.5
* added ability mining ergo LHR mode for mining ERGO, enable it by manually adding lhr option
    - same as LHR mode in ethash, lhr value represents expected hashrate to reach value percent of non-LHR GPU's hashrate, supports comma-seperated list to indicate lhr value for each GPU, and "lhr": "-1" to disable.
    - for GPUs with Hynix GDDR6 memory, LHR mode is not recommended for the poor performance.
    - for GPUs with non-Hynix GDDR6 memory, e.g. 3060 3060ti 3070, start trying with "lhr": "85"
    - for GPUs with GDDR6X memory, e.g. 3070ti 3080 3080ti, start trying with "lhr": "100"
    - when mining lock is detected during ERGO mining, miner will automatically decrease lhr value by 0.5, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 5.0 
* optimized power consumption on Nvidia GPUs while mining ERGO
⛏ XMRig v6.15.1 
* minor fixes

⛏ T-Rex v0.22.1
* added partial LHR unlock functionality for 30xx cards for ethash algorithm, see LHR manual for details
* added firopow algorithm for upcoming FIRO hardfork
* added CPU share validation functionality for kawpow and all progpow-like algorithms
* bug fixes: 
    - fixed CPU share validation on autolykos2
    - fixed switching to failover pools: it takes too long
    - fixed some stability issues
⛏ NBMiner v39.4
* fixed hashrate issues on octopus algo

⛏ NBMiner v39.3
* implemented new ethash low power LHR mode, add -lhr-mode option: 
    -lhr-mode 2 is the default LHR mode, which is the new lower power mode 
    -lhr-mode 1 changes LHR mode to old version, which is the same as v39.2 
    -lhr-mode 1 is suitable for only power limit bounded GPU, can achieve higher hashrate than mode 2 
    -lhr-mode 2 is able to achieve lower average power and temperature. especially suitable for GPUs with gddr6x e.g.3070ti, 3080, 3080ti: power consumption is fluctuating in this mode, better be used with locked core clock;
* option -lhr support decimal value; 
* for LHR GPUs, when mining lock is detected, miner will automatically decrease -lhr value by 0.1, and continue mining. max decrease times is 10, which sums to 1.0; 
* fixed issue with higher CPU usage when shares validation on CPU is disabled.
⛏ NanoMiner v3.3.11
* fixed invalid ETH shares issue on some Nvidia RTX30xx