⛏ BzMiner v13.1.1
* Improved Nexa hashrate/efficiency (Nvidia, continued joint effort with Lolliedieb from lolMiner)
* Improved main algo hashrate when mining +zil
* Improved mining startup time
* Stats now carryover between pool reconnects
* Now showing watchdog restarts and pool reconnects
* Added enable_igpu option (--igpu 1 on cmdline). should fix some rigs that have igpus and immediately crash
* Added optional Nexa community fund (disabled by default, can enable using community_fund options)
* +zil stability fixes
* Fixed parallel/split mining for non optimized algos
* Fixed visual high latency bug
* Fixed oc switching with +zil in some cases
* Fixed ergo initialization failure (and failures on other algos)
* Fixed mining starting before oc is set on Nexa
* zil_wallet, zil_pool options fixed

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.1.0
* Added support for INTEL Alchemist architecture (INTEL ARC 300/500/700)
* ZIL is now mineable in any single/dual algorithm combination [triple mining]*
* Added ZIL parameters '--zil-enable', '--zil-pool', '--zil-wallet', '--zil-password', '--zil-esm', '--zil-epoch', '--zil-oc-script'
* Added ZIL OC parameters '--zil-cclock', '--zil-mclock', '--zil-coffset', '--zil-moffset', '--zil-plimit'
* Added auto buffer mode for ZIL mining*
* Added parameters '--disable-gpu-intel', '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer'
* Added OC parameters '--gpu-cclock1', '--gpu-mclock1', '--gpu-coffset1', '--gpu-moffset1', '--gpu-plimit1'
* Removed parameters '--gpu-ethash-dag-cache', '--a0-is-zil'
* Renamed parameters '--a0-start-script' to '--a0-oc-script' , '--a1-start-script' to '--a1-oc-script', '--start-script-delay' to '--oc-delay'
* Added '--esm 2' which indicates that 'EthereumStratum/1.0.0' + nicehash mode is used for communication with the pool*
* Allowed separator ',' (comma) which can be used as an alternative for the current '!' separator in all parameters except in '--password'
* Minor bug fixes

⛏ Rigel v1.3.6
* (Nexa) Minor performance improvements
* (Nexa) Fix performance regression for 40xx GPUs

⛏ lolMiner v1.67
* Improved Nexa performance on Nvidia Turing based gpus by approximately 35%+.
* Improved Nexa performance on 8G Nvidia Ampere gpus by approximately 1.5% when memory is not locked and ~3% on locked memory (5000). 10G and higher gpus got an additional 5% performance increase.
* Improved Nexa performance on Nvidia Ada based gpus by approximately 25% on locked memory clock (5000) and about 8% on unlocked memory.
* Added Nexa echelon mining protocol to support pools using it, e.g. 137pool.org. The needed format will be automatically detected when connecting to a pool using it.
* Updated WebUI for Nexa mining and more pools to support.
* Fixed a bug causing scattered defect shared on Nexa mining (all OS)
* Fixed a display bug when setting power limit on Nvidia GPUs saying the value is out of Range, although its fine. (all OS)
* Fixed a bug in Nexa mining of the miner creating only defects (Windows)
* Fixed a bug in Nexa mining of the miner crashing silently after a few minutes (Windows)
* Every code update - in particular when so massive as here - may require re-tuning your oc & uv settings for ideal results and stability.
* memory locking on Ada gpus is only recommended if the core clock is locked as well and not maxed out - on high core clock in combination with memory locked to 5000 the performance will struggle due to worse memory timings.
* The Nexa gpu codes are (and will be in foreseeable future) joint work with Iedoc from BzMiner. Miner fees will be evenly shared regardless of which of these two flavors of the code you prefer.

⛏ Rigel v1.3.5
* (Nexa) performance/efficiency improvements
* Add support for explicit locked clocks reset (pass X to --lock-cclock / --lock-mclock)

⛏ BzMiner v13.0.3
* Fixed cuda error from previous release on older nvidia drivers
* Slight improvement to nexa efficiency/hashrate (mainly for 20 series cards)
* Added new parameter --pool_reconnect_timeout_ms
* Improved Nexa hashrate/efficiency (nvidia, continued effort with Lolliedieb)
* Nexa dev fee reduced to 2%
* Multiple +zil fixes
* Fixed AMD issues on all algos (except nexa)
* Possible slight auto intensity improvement across all algos (both nvidia and amd)
* Fixed high diff issue on Zil
* Fixed oc_script option
* Reformated ghz to mhz

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⛏ Rigel v1.3.4
Multiple ZIL mining fixes/improvements:
* Fix duplicate shares when mining to non-zmp pools (e.g. crazypool)
* Add support for non-zmp pools (including Nexa+Zil, Kaspa+Zil)
* Fix insufficient memory error when mining Nexa+Zil
* Fix applying overclock settings in dual mining with Zil
* Fix duplicate shares when mining to flexpool
* See zil-dual bat/sh script in the miner archive on how to set Zil-specific overclock settings
Note that Nexa hashrate will be lower in Nexa+Zil mode compared to Nexa alone on 8GB GPUs because of increased memory requirements.
Add --no-strict-ssl option to disable pool certificate verification