⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.1.0
✔️ Hashrate improvement on some GPUs
✔️ Added overclocking support: --coff --moff --cclk
Only supported on 20xx series and newer models: --mclk
Only supported on 30xx series and newer models: --pl --fan
All of these options are comma separated lists. Use * to skip a gpu.
✔️ Added full stats of shares, clocks, efficiency, fan and power consumption
✔️ Added watchdog options: --max-no-job --max-no-acc
✔️ Added support for failover pools
✔️ Added support for multiple mallob servers
✔️ Fixed poolside hashrate loss on stratum reconnection
✔️ Fixed an issue related to timestamps
✔️ Revised the handling of atomic update failures.
✔️ The miner will try for a successful update in 15 minutes instead of shutting down
✔️ Added multiple dev pool servers
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ lolMiner v1.74
✔️ Added support for Ironfish mining (use -a IRONFISH for putting out your rod) for Nvidia Pascal and newer and AMD Vega and newer GPUs. (AMD Vega require rocm based drivers). Fee is 0.75%.
This version uses the pool protocol extension of TeamRedMiner and should be compatible to all pools supporting their protocol as well as their solo mining protocol fork of Ironfish node.
✔️ Slight improved performance and reduction of stales for Alephium mining on Nvidias.

⛏ BzMiner v14.3.0
✔️ Improved Ironfish hashrate
✔️ Fixed larger rigs not sending up all shares
✔️ Fixed worker name in wallet not getting passed to the pool
✔️ Reorganized config.txt
✔️ Added new column option best to show highest difficulty share found

⛏ Team Red Miner v0.10.11
✔️ This is a small update for ironfish mining with slightly better hashrate/efficiency for all gpus but the 7900XT which was broken in the previous release and now does +150-170%. Miners now also have the ability to choose your own graffiti (limited to 20 characters) - if you're the one who finds a block for your pool, you'll get your message on the blockchain!
✔️ GPU: Small improvements for ironfish hashrate/efficiency on all gpus.
✔️ GPU: Fixed low ironfish hashrate for RDNA3 / 7900XT.
✔️ GPU: Automatic handling of ironfish worker name when specified as wallet.worker.
✔️ GPU: User can now set their own graffiti prefix (max 20 chars) when mining ironfish (see --iron_user_graffiti) to paint the blockchain!

⛏ Rigel v1.4.4
✔️ (IronFish) Minor performance improvements

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.0.3 NEW!
Binary file have been built with CUDA 12.0 and minimum supported Nvidia driver version is 525.60.13. So you need to use the latest minerOS image version 5.3.
✔️ Hashrate improvement:
4090: 10 KH/s
3090: 5.2 KH/s
2080ti: 3.7 KH/s
1080ti: 3 KH/s
These were measured on Linux with stock settings and no miner parameters
✔️ Fixed hashrate loss issue on 40xx cards
✔️ Add support for compute 7.0 (Titan V)
✔️ Fixed a CPU verification issue
✔️ Added miner uptime stat
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⚙️ New MinerOS 5.3 image has been released:
os: Ubuntu 20.04.5
size: 2020MB
linux kernel: 5.15
amd: opencl legacy+rocm 22.40
nvidia: 525.85.05
bootmode: legacy+uefi

⛏ Rigel v1.3.11
✔️ (Nexa) Minor performance/efficiency improvements
✔️ Display average GPU power consumption instead of the most recent value reported by the driver - this reduces fluctuations in power readings and efficiency numbers. The averaging window size can be overridden with --power-avg parameter (default 10 seconds)

⛏ lolMiner v1.70
* Improved Nexa mining performance by 6 - 8% on all supported GPUs (except AMD Vega / VII).
* Improved power efficiency of Nexa mining.
* Due to recent problems we advice to use the miner with --dns-over-https 0 when connecting to an auto-location pool. Else the pool mirror you receive might not be ideal for your location.
⛏ BzMiner v13.4.0
* Improved nexa hashrate/efficiency
* Fixed nexa extra nonce rejected shares issue (affected pool137 but possibly other pools too)
* Fixed nexa stopped finding shares in some situations
* Fixed hung gpu on amd with +zil (and some other algos)
* Fixed some initial nexa and nexa+zil amd crashes
* Fixed radiant not setting extra nonce correctly on some pools
* Fixed radiant and kaspa amd driver issues
* Fixed Ergo rejected shares (not updating dag for new blocks)
* New nexa implementation may require new overclocks. If you experience hung gpu's, please re-adjust your oc's
⛏ Rigel v1.3.9
* (Nexa) Add --kernel parameter to switch between different nexapow implementations (see notes below)
* Some GPUs saw an efficiency drop in v1.3.8 compared to v1.3.7. This release allows opting in for 1.3.7 performance level by selecting kernel #2 for the affected GPUs.
Example: --kernel _,_,2,_ <- this will enable the "1.3.7 mode" for the third GPU. The rest will work as before (v1.3.8).
If all your GPUs were working better on 1.3.7, then it's sufficient to set --kernel 2, it'll apply to all cards.
⛏ miniZ v2.0c4
* Added support for ZMP. *
* Added --memoffset2, --coreoffset2, and --power2 options for setting OCs for ZIL dual mining.
* Added --zil-init option for miniZ to generate, and log, Zil dag at startup.
* Fixed issue with invalid shares with ZIL mining.
* Fixed issue with CFX + ZIL mining.
* Fixed issue with 150,5 invalid shares.
* Fixed issue with progpow invalid shares.
* For zmp support you can write --url=zmp://ZIL_Wallet.Worker_Name@server

⛏ Rigel v1.3.8
* (Nexa) performance improvements (mainly Turing, high-end Ampere, and Ada GPUs)
⛏ lolMiner v1.68
* Added Nexa support for AMD Vega / VII and RDNA 1-3 GPUs
* The parameter --keepfree can now be used to keep a certain amount of memory free on each GPU on Nexa mining. This might end up in allocating a smaller lookup table, so the GPU memory has space left for other workloads
* The --keepfree parameter is now working for each GPU separately. Use a comma separated list of values if you want to assign different values for each GPU.
* Nexa mining will now allocate memory for each GPU sequentially and delay later cards startup slightly to help systems with small virtual memory.
⛏ BzMiner v13.3.0
* Finally added AMD for nexa support!
* Fixed +zil on AMD
* Improved dual mining switching (+zil, alternate, optimized, and parallel mining)
* Now showing estimated time before next switch when alternate mining
⛏ Nanominer v3.7.7
* RDNA3 support