⛏ GMiner v3.38
✔️added IronFish, IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
✔️added Ergo+IronFish, Ergo+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
✔️added ETC+IronFish, ETC+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
✔️added Conflux+IronFish, Conflux+IronFish+ZIL solvers for Nvidia GPUs
✔️fixed share difficulty calculation for Radiant

⛏ miniZ v2.0c5
✔️Fixed gpuoffset/memoffset/power options that were not working properly.
✔️Fixed gpuoffset2/memoffset2/power2 options for dual mining.

⛏ BzMiner v14.3.2
✔️New coin: Kylacoin now supported
✔️Reduced ironfish default intensity (lower stales)
✔️Fixed unoptimized dual combo CPU usage
✔️Renamed nvidia_only, amd_only, and intel_only to enable_nvidia, enable_amd, and enable_intel
✔️Enable_intel is false by default
✔️Re-added intel support (disabled by default, enable with enable_intel option, only ironfish tested)
✔️allow_stales option (default true)

⛏ GMiner v3.37
✔️ significant hashrate improvement on Radiant, ETC+Radiant, Conflux+Radiant and Ergo+Radiant for GTX 10xx GPUs
✔️ fixed performance degradation appeared in v3.36

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.2.5
✔️ Significantly improved mining performance on algorithm 'dynex' for AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL
✔️ Improved mining performance on algorithm 'blake3_ironfish' for AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL in single and dual modes
✔️ Added support for algorithm 'sha3d' on NVIDIA/INTEL GPU's
✔️ Ironfish is now compatible with pools using stratum v2
✔️ Added optimised kernel for DUAL mining : DYNEX/SHA512_256D_RADIANT
✔️ Added auto tune for algorithm 'dynex' that will try to find an optimal gpu intensity value
✔️ Removed CPU POW [algorithm 'dynex']
✔️ Algorithm 'xdag' is now compatible with xdagj 0.6.1
✔️ Fixed broken RXD/ALEPH mining on RDNA gpus [linux]
✔️ If using '--gpu-reset-oc' parameter, it will get applied also on miner shutdown
✔️ Bug fixes

⛏ BzMiner v14.3.1
✔️ Improved Ironfish hashrate
✔️ Fixed high cpu usage
✔️ Added decimal place to power usage
✔️ Fixed algo_opt for ironfish not showing hashrate on all gpus

⛏ lolMiner v1.75
✔️ Improved Ironfish mining speed by 4-5% on all supported GPUs.
✔️Added support to mine Alephium on AMD GCN3 (RX 400, Rx500) and newer GPUs
✔️Added support to mine Ironfish on AMD GCN3 gpus
✔️Renamed Blake3-Ironfish to Blake3-Iron to make it identical to competing miner softwares and better detectable by some mining OS
✔️Fixed a bug causing to little shares submitted when mining Alephium on Nvidia GPUs
✔️Fixed a bug causing high stale and defect share counts when mining Ironfish on AMD GPUs
✔️Fixed a bug causing AMD RX 7900 series GPUs not starting up Ironfish mining
✔️Fixed a bug causing only defect shares on Ironfish mining when a pool did not zero the Grafitti part of the block header (e.g. ezil pool)

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.1.0
✔️ Hashrate improvement on some GPUs
✔️ Added overclocking support: --coff --moff --cclk
Only supported on 20xx series and newer models: --mclk
Only supported on 30xx series and newer models: --pl --fan
All of these options are comma separated lists. Use * to skip a gpu.
✔️ Added full stats of shares, clocks, efficiency, fan and power consumption
✔️ Added watchdog options: --max-no-job --max-no-acc
✔️ Added support for failover pools
✔️ Added support for multiple mallob servers
✔️ Fixed poolside hashrate loss on stratum reconnection
✔️ Fixed an issue related to timestamps
✔️ Revised the handling of atomic update failures.
✔️ The miner will try for a successful update in 15 minutes instead of shutting down
✔️ Added multiple dev pool servers
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ lolMiner v1.74
✔️ Added support for Ironfish mining (use -a IRONFISH for putting out your rod) for Nvidia Pascal and newer and AMD Vega and newer GPUs. (AMD Vega require rocm based drivers). Fee is 0.75%.
This version uses the pool protocol extension of TeamRedMiner and should be compatible to all pools supporting their protocol as well as their solo mining protocol fork of Ironfish node.
✔️ Slight improved performance and reduction of stales for Alephium mining on Nvidias.

⛏ BzMiner v14.3.0
✔️ Improved Ironfish hashrate
✔️ Fixed larger rigs not sending up all shares
✔️ Fixed worker name in wallet not getting passed to the pool
✔️ Reorganized config.txt
✔️ Added new column option best to show highest difficulty share found

⛏ Team Red Miner v0.10.11
✔️ This is a small update for ironfish mining with slightly better hashrate/efficiency for all gpus but the 7900XT which was broken in the previous release and now does +150-170%. Miners now also have the ability to choose your own graffiti (limited to 20 characters) - if you're the one who finds a block for your pool, you'll get your message on the blockchain!
✔️ GPU: Small improvements for ironfish hashrate/efficiency on all gpus.
✔️ GPU: Fixed low ironfish hashrate for RDNA3 / 7900XT.
✔️ GPU: Automatic handling of ironfish worker name when specified as wallet.worker.
✔️ GPU: User can now set their own graffiti prefix (max 20 chars) when mining ironfish (see --iron_user_graffiti) to paint the blockchain!

⛏ Rigel v1.4.4
✔️ (IronFish) Minor performance improvements

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.0.3 NEW!
Binary file have been built with CUDA 12.0 and minimum supported Nvidia driver version is 525.60.13. So you need to use the latest minerOS image version 5.3.
✔️ Hashrate improvement:
4090: 10 KH/s
3090: 5.2 KH/s
2080ti: 3.7 KH/s
1080ti: 3 KH/s
These were measured on Linux with stock settings and no miner parameters
✔️ Fixed hashrate loss issue on 40xx cards
✔️ Add support for compute 7.0 (Titan V)
✔️ Fixed a CPU verification issue
✔️ Added miner uptime stat
✔️ Minor bug fixes