⛏ GMiner v2.96
* LHR unlock for older drivers: fixed "LHR unlock failed" error on old drivers.
⛏ TeamRedMiner v0.10.0
* Introduced R-mode: applicable for Vegas/VIIs/Navi10/Big Navi.
see separate miner documentation for details
* Smooth power transitions for ethash family algos.
* Added argument --gpu_sdma=on|off for special situations, e.g. BC-250 needs --gpu_sdma=off.
⛏ lolMiner v1.51
* Extended working range of 100% LHR unlocker to 470 and 472 drivers. Note: please do not use the new 515.x drivers - on them the unlock currently does not work.
* New parameter for dualmining: --dualfactor (default: "auto").
* Linux: Fixed a bug causing the Zombie mode on 5G Pascal GPUs (1060 5G, P2000) not to work.
* Minor LHR unlocker stability improvements.

⛏ NBMiner 41.5
* feature: ethash Add 90% LHR unlocker for 3080 12G & 3050.
* feature: ergo Add LHR unlocker support.
* fix: ethash LHR unlocker improve stability.
⛏ lolMiner 1.50 public beta Pre-release
* 100% LHR unlock for all LHR affected algorithms on LHR v1 and v2 GPUs.
⛏ miniZ 1.8z2
* Added AMD support for ETH, for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs.
* Added AMD support for 144,5, for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs.
* Fixed issues with AMD support for 125,4 (Flux), for Ellesmere GPUs and gfx1031 (RX 6700 XT) GPUs.
⛏ Gminer 2.93
* LHR 100% Unlock
* fixed performance degradation on FHR cards (appeared in 2.92)
⛏ T-Rex 0.26.1
* (ethash, autolykos2) LHR 100% unlock (except 3080 12GB and 3050)

⛏ T-Rex v0.25.15
* extend the new LHR unlock functionality to ETH+ALPH dual mining, and ERGO single mode.
* allow LHR setting "up" and "down" auto-tune intervals separately: e.g. "lhr-autotune-interval": "5:120"
Meaning that in lhr-autotune-mode full mode the miner will be increasing LHR tune value every 5 minutes, and decreasing it as soon as it starts tripping LHR more frequently than once every 2 hours.
* changed lhr-autotune-step-size default value to 0.1 from previously 0.5.
* LHR low power mode can now be set for GPUs individually, e.g. "lhr-low-power": "0,1,1,0"
The second and third GPUs will be working in low power mode.
* LHR unlocker is more stable compared to 0.25.12, infinite LHR lock loops should be solved now.
* fixed  "Duplicate share" issue on ethash and blake3 algos.
IMPORTANT: LHR unlocker requires 510 series drivers and it will not work properly with older drivers
⛏ PhoenixMiner v6.2c BETA
* using newer AMD RX4xx/5xx kernels even on older drivers e.g. 19.10, older kernels on these drivers, use the new command line parameter -clabi 1.
* added a workaround for the SSL pools with self-signed or expired SSL certificate: you can use the new command-line parameter -weakssl (for the pool specified by -pool), or the new WEAKSSL: 1 option for the pools in epools.txt.
* fixed a crash with Nvidia cards on some older drivers, if PhoenixMiner crashes or exits while showing "Initializing NVML..." try the new command line parameter -nvmalt.
* other small fixes.
⛏ miniZ v1.8z
* improved performance and stability for ETH for LHR GPUs; 
* improved performance on 125,4 for RTX 30xx; 
* added AMD Polaris support for 125,4; 
* added FIRO support; 
* fixed issues with SERO and 192,7; 
* minor bug fixes
⛏ NanoMiner v3.6.2
* significantly reduced stale Ethash shares on Nvidia GPUs
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.9.4
* added sha3d, 0x10 algorithms
* performance increase on curvehash algorithm
* removed astrobwt algorithm
* removed --gpu-cn-mode parameter
⛏ XMRig v6.17.0
* added support astrobwt/v2 for mining DERO-HE coin algo.

⛏ lolMiner v1.47
* improved ETH solver with up to 78% unlock for LHR v2
* added support for LHR unlock in 470.103.01 and all 510.x drivers.
* --lhrtune parameter now takes absolute % values to fix a certain percentage of unlocking.
* cheaper locks: when unlocking the miner will continue mining at low speed to make the unlock procedure more cheap.
* reduced Ton & Alephium fee in Eth+Ton / Ethash+Alephium dual mining to 0%.
* new --silence parameter controls the amount of information the miner will print during its work.
* added Nvidia memory junction temperature readings on cards that support this.
* fixed a bug with dual mining on LHR cards where the dual algorithm was mined with reduced rate after Ethash epoch change.
* fixed a bug with --compactaccept not showing the * sign on short statistics.
⛏ GMiner v2.90
* improved performance for Ethash+TON dual mining.
* improved TON performance.
* added ETC+TON dual mining support.
* added RTX 3060 Ti [2414] support.
* improved pool balance reporting, supported pools and coins.
⛏ nanominer v3.6.0
* Significantly improved Ergo (Autolykos2) performace on AMD Vega GPUs (up to 15%);
* Improved performance for ethash algorithms family (ETH, ETC, UBQ, etc) on Nvidia Turing family (up to 0.4%);
* Added functionality: showing share difficulty for ethash algorithms family

⛏ WildRig Multi v0.31.3 beta
* support 0x10 algorithm(coin ChainOX)
⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI 0.9.3
* Removed algorithm 'argon2id_ninja'
* Minor bug fixes
⛏ GMiner v2.89
* display unpaid balance on ethash pool (supported pools: ethermine, hiveon, 2miners, f2pool, nanopool)
* auto fan supports memory temperature (--tmfan)
⛏ T-Rex 0.25.9
* Allow setting "LHR dual ratio" parameter for ETH+ALPH dual mining, e.g. --dual-algo-mode a12:r10:lr12 (dual ratio 10, LHR dual ratio 12)
* Display memory temperature for GPUs with GDDR6X memory type
* Fixed: Miner frequently disconnects from the pool when mining SERO