⛏ WildRig Multi 0.36.3 beta
* support other pools for nexapow
* fixed curvehash for NVIDIA and RDNA+ gpu's
* now one --user parameter can be used for all failover pools
* fixed dev-fee algorithms for bmw512, heavyhash and skein2 - no more power spikes
⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.0.2
* Improved mining performance on 'sha512_256d_radiant' for AMD RDNA/RDNA2 GPU's and NVIDIA Ampere GPU's
* Improved mining performance on dual ETCHASH/ETHASH + SHA512_256D_RADIANT for AMD RDNA2 GPU's
* Added experimental support for NVIDIA architectures older than 'Pascal'
* Added GPU OC parameters '--gpu-coffset', '--gpu-moffset' [ NVIDIA - LINUX only ]
* Fixed bug with --gpu-cclock , --gpu-mclock and --gpu-plimit getting applied only in dual mining mode
* Removed obsolete algorithms: cosa, circash, 0x10, frkhash, balloon_zentoshi
Minor bug fixes
--gpu-coffset sets the core offset of the GPU [ defined in MHZ ]
--gpu-moffset sets the memory offset of the GPU [ defined in MHZ ]
⛏ BzMiner v13.0.1
* NEXA! (FINALLY! Nvidia only for now, joint effort with Lolliedieb from lolMiner, 3% dev fee)
* Faster startup times for larger rigs
* Showing difficulty change message
* Pool hr now resets on diff change
* Added share difficulty for nexa only
* Caching zil dag completely (no recalculations on reconnections)
* Disabled Kaspa community fund by default
* Added below settings to config.txt to easily add zil to any algo your mining:
"zil_test": false // whether to test zil or not
"zil_test_diff": 1 // zil difficulty (1-5)
"zil_test_frequency": 300; // seconds between zil iterations (zil windows last 30 seconds)
"zil_pool": "" // zil pool to mine to
"zil_wallet": "" // zil wallet to mine to

⛏ Gminer v3.26
* added Firo coin support for Nvidia GPUs
* added Sero coin support for Nvidia GPUs
* optimized memory usage for ZIL dual or triple mining (supports ERG+KAS+ZIL mining on 6GB GPUs)
* fixed bug with -di -1 and -zildi -1 (you can disable dual mining on some GPU by passing -1)
⛏ WildRig Multi 0.36.2 beta
* improved nexapow up to 10-20% depends on GPU
* added parameter --execute-at-start(now --execute will work on nexapow after precompute stage)
* extended statistics table with total power consumption and efficiency per gpu

⚙️ Determination of memory temperature on nvidia 3080+ graphics cards

⛏ MiniZ v2.0b
* Fixed issues with invalid shares.
⛏ lolMiner v1.65
* Improved Kaspa performance in ETC and ETHW dual mining by about 6-7% on AMD (Big) Navi GPUs and 10-12% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere, measured at the same Ethash speed. The actual improvement depends on the concretely selected dual factor. Re-tuning your setup is highly recommended.
* Improved Kaspa performance in Kaspa only mining mode by 0.6 to 1.2% on Nvidia GPUs and 0.4-0.5% on AMD (Big) Navi GPUs at approximately same power draw.
* Beta feature: Added experimental support for AMD RX7900 series. Supported algorithms: Et(c)hash, kHeavyHash and the corresponding dual mining.
* Fixed some minor display bugs
⛏ Gminer v3.19
* Improved DUAL mining (ETC+KASPA, Ergo+KASPA). Added ability to use fractional intensity values, which leads to higher hash rate
* Improved Ergo mining hashrate in single mining mode for 10xx and 20xx Nvidia GPUs
⛏ nanominer v3.7.6
* Added EVR coin.
* Fixed password vulnerability: we do not show config via API now in case of webPassword is set.
* Added support new name for AMD Radeon RX 550 in modern drivers.
⛏ WildRig Multi 0.35.3 beta
* improved nexapow up to 40% depends on gpu
⛏ Team Red Miner v0.10.7
* This release primarily adds dual mining of Ergo+Kaspa on gpus, and adds voltage control support on SQRL FK33 and TUL TH53/55 fpgas.
* GPU: Added dual ERG+KAS mining support for all supported gpus (see DUAL_ERGO_MINING.txt).
* GPU: Fixed semi-broken dual zil mining for older algos (Nimiq, Argon2, x16r, and others).

⛏ BzMiner v12.2.0
* Improved Kaspa hashrate
* Improved Ergo + Kaspa hashrate
* Improved Zil oc switch stability
* Optimized CPU work loop(along with rest of algos support)
* ADDED KASPA COMMUNITY FUND BY DEFAULT (can optionally disable with disable_community_fund option)
* Temporarily disabled Intel GPU's for this release
* Renamed blockchain_fee to community_fund
* Fixed Kaspa solo on pool
* Fixed k1poolzil (force_algo2 option)
* Fixed "oc_delay_ms" in config.txt constantly adding values each run
* Fixed Kaspa rejected shares for AMD
* Fixed Non-ZMP Zil pools disconnecting periodically
* Fixed power limit issue
* Fixed Radiant on AMD not mining
* Fixed Etc/Ethw algos on AMD
* Fixed duplicate radiant shares issue

⛏ lolMiner v1.64
* Improved Kaspa only mining performance. Speed increase is about 8-8.5% on Nvidia Pascal GPUs, 4.5-5% on Nvidia Turing and Ampere GPUs and 3-4% on AMD Navi and Big Navi GPUs
* Beta feature: added options to set core clock offset (--coff), memory clock offset (--moff), power limit (--pl) and a fixed fan speed (--fan) on common Nvidia GPUs. Required are admin privileges and Nvidia drivers 520 or higher!
The syntax is the same as with --cclk and --mclk - if a single value is given then it will be applied to all compatible GPUs, else a coma separated list of values can be given using a * character to skip over GPUs.
* Added a new parameter --no-oc-reset to turn off the reset of overclock settings when ending the miner.
* Fixing a bug with ETHV1 (nicehash) stratum mode that may cause the worker name to be appended twice when it was given by --user . (the use of --worker did not have this issue).

⛏ Gminer v3.15
* added ability to lock memory clock on Ampere and newest GPUs (--lock_mclock), useful to decrease power usage in Kaspa only mining mode
* improved Kaspa, Etc + kaspa, Ergo + Kaspa mining performance on Turing, Ampere and Ada architecture, also decreased power usage
* fixed bug with stale shares for Kaspa, Etc + kaspa, Ergo + Kaspa, this fix will significantly increase pool hashrate