⛏ lolMiner v1.42
* reduced TON pool job polling intervals by default, this will reduce stales and rejected on pool; 
* added TON solo mining mode, use --pool SOLO or --ton-mode 5 to use it; 
* added ability to lock the memory clock on Nvidia RTX 3000 series, use parameter --mclk

⛏ lolMiner v1.41b
* re-wrote the complete HTTPS connection stack in the TON pool connector, so the connections can be reused for a significant lower load on the pools; 
* improved performance of Nvidia TON kernels, especially significant on Turing based GPUs; 
* added experimental TON kernels for Nvidia Fermi and first generation Kepler GPUs;
* altered fee pools of TON to distribute better to different mirrors to reduce load on single ones; 
* implemented a system that can detect connection blocking in TON and will automatically choose alternative mirrors for the known TON pools in case of problems;
* users on toncoinpool.io stratum mode --ton-mode 3 can now specify a worker name via --worker or by adding a worker name to their wallet separated by a dot. Other TON mining pool protocols will ignore both, because most pools do not accept worker names send; 
* several bugs fixed

⛏ lolMiner v1.40
* improved performance of TON solvers by up to 1.5% depending on your GPU
* lowered TON miner fee to 1.5% --> 1%
* increased TON https mining polling interval for less server load
* improved blocking preventing mechanisms lolMiner can now communicate with stratums using websockets starting with "wss://"
* significantly improved TON mining pool compatibility
* added a new parameter --ton-mode to toggle between modes
* Bug fixes:
   - fixed a bug with TON https polling causing random crashes on some machines
   - fixed a bug with TON: defect shares were not displayed in stats overview
   - fixed a bug with TON OpenCL back end: miner did trigger watchdog when a GPU was halted and waiting for work

⛏  lolMiner v1.39
* added support for mining TON/Toncoin, devfee is 1.5%, AMD cards since GCN1 via OpenCL and Nvidia cards since Maxwell and newer generation via CUDA are supported; 
* added support for mining UBQ/Ubiq, devfee is 0.7% as with all Ethash based coins; 
* added support for routing your stratum traffic through a socks5 proxy server, use --socks5 to enable it; 
- added a timeout for DOH requests, so they can no longer hang indefinitely; 
- fixed ethash support for RX 5500 series GPUs on more recent drivers

⛏ GMiner v2.74
* improved stability for LHR mining
* improved LHR auto-tune
* now --proxy option using for user and dev fee connections
* added option to disable non ssl dev fee connections, using --dev_fee_ssl 0
* contest with prizes: 25 x 0.2 ETH
⛏ TeamRedMiner v0.9.0
* added initial FPGA ethash support
⛏ NanoMiner v3.5.0
* implemented ETH unlocker: automatic LHR detection by default
* added configuration parameter lhr for manual unlock percentage selection, -1 - disable, 0 - auto, e.g lhr=71.5,-1,0
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.31.2
* improved heavyhash for AMD Polaris ~1.5%, Vega ~10%, RDNA/RDNA2 ~3-4%
* implemented parameter --watchdog-script; fixed monitoring AMD GPUs temperature/power/fan
⛏ T-Rex v0.24.8
* added DNS-over-HTTPS support when resolving mining pool domain names, see dns-https-server for details;
* added an option not to set mining pool domain name in SNI header for SSL connections, see no-sni;
* resolve domain names through SOCKS5 proxy if proxy is set;
* display mining pool IP address in console; bug fixes
⛏ XMRig v6.16.2
* fixed VAES support