⛏ Rigel v1.3.8
* (Nexa) performance improvements (mainly Turing, high-end Ampere, and Ada GPUs)
⛏ lolMiner v1.68
* Added Nexa support for AMD Vega / VII and RDNA 1-3 GPUs
* The parameter --keepfree can now be used to keep a certain amount of memory free on each GPU on Nexa mining. This might end up in allocating a smaller lookup table, so the GPU memory has space left for other workloads
* The --keepfree parameter is now working for each GPU separately. Use a comma separated list of values if you want to assign different values for each GPU.
* Nexa mining will now allocate memory for each GPU sequentially and delay later cards startup slightly to help systems with small virtual memory.
⛏ BzMiner v13.3.0
* Finally added AMD for nexa support!
* Fixed +zil on AMD
* Improved dual mining switching (+zil, alternate, optimized, and parallel mining)
* Now showing estimated time before next switch when alternate mining
⛏ Nanominer v3.7.7
* RDNA3 support

⛏ lolMiner 1.68
* Significantly improved Nexa mining performance on supported GPUs (e.g. up to +25% on 8G Ampere GPUs)
* Fixed a bug that can make the miner crash with error message "Authorization problem on all configured pools 1" during Nexa mining
⛏ BzMiner v13.2.1
* Fixed zil window not mining
* Fixed nexa on 8gb cards
* Fixed some rejects on some nexa pools
* Fixed reconnects causing hang (never reconnecting)
* Fixed zil core offset not applied when nexa lock is specified
* Fixed neoxa, meowcoin, ravencoin invalid shares
* fixed hiveos crashing bz when mining rvn
* Fixed pool stat caryover after reconnects

⛏ Rigel 1.3.7
* (Nexa) Minor performance improvements
* (Nexa) Echelon protocol support
* (UI) Display GPU efficiency information (hashrate per watt)
* Miner fails to lock core/memory clocks sometimes

⛏ BzMiner v13.1.1
* Improved Nexa hashrate/efficiency (Nvidia, continued joint effort with Lolliedieb from lolMiner)
* Improved main algo hashrate when mining +zil
* Improved mining startup time
* Stats now carryover between pool reconnects
* Now showing watchdog restarts and pool reconnects
* Added enable_igpu option (--igpu 1 on cmdline). should fix some rigs that have igpus and immediately crash
* Added optional Nexa community fund (disabled by default, can enable using community_fund options)
* +zil stability fixes
* Fixed parallel/split mining for non optimized algos
* Fixed visual high latency bug
* Fixed oc switching with +zil in some cases
* Fixed ergo initialization failure (and failures on other algos)
* Fixed mining starting before oc is set on Nexa
* zil_wallet, zil_pool options fixed

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.1.0
* Added support for INTEL Alchemist architecture (INTEL ARC 300/500/700)
* ZIL is now mineable in any single/dual algorithm combination [triple mining]*
* Added ZIL parameters '--zil-enable', '--zil-pool', '--zil-wallet', '--zil-password', '--zil-esm', '--zil-epoch', '--zil-oc-script'
* Added ZIL OC parameters '--zil-cclock', '--zil-mclock', '--zil-coffset', '--zil-moffset', '--zil-plimit'
* Added auto buffer mode for ZIL mining*
* Added parameters '--disable-gpu-intel', '--gpu-disable-auto-buffer'
* Added OC parameters '--gpu-cclock1', '--gpu-mclock1', '--gpu-coffset1', '--gpu-moffset1', '--gpu-plimit1'
* Removed parameters '--gpu-ethash-dag-cache', '--a0-is-zil'
* Renamed parameters '--a0-start-script' to '--a0-oc-script' , '--a1-start-script' to '--a1-oc-script', '--start-script-delay' to '--oc-delay'
* Added '--esm 2' which indicates that 'EthereumStratum/1.0.0' + nicehash mode is used for communication with the pool*
* Allowed separator ',' (comma) which can be used as an alternative for the current '!' separator in all parameters except in '--password'
* Minor bug fixes

⛏ Rigel v1.3.6
* (Nexa) Minor performance improvements
* (Nexa) Fix performance regression for 40xx GPUs