⛏ T-Rex v0.24.7
* bug fix: some options set in config file not processed, e.g. lhr-autotune-step-size
* removed "hashrate-avr": 30 from global config to use miner default option and get smoother graph e.g. on LHR GPUs
⛏ NanoMiner v3.4.3
* improved performance kawpow and firopow on Nvidia GPUs up to 3% depends on GPU model
⛏ GMiner v2.71
* improved LHR performance, added two modes --lhr_mode N where N can be 0 or 1, 0 - energy save mode, 1 - maximal performance mode, it's default mode; 
* miner display LHR unlock percentage in statistics table on LHR row, you can adjust it by --lhr_tune option; 
* now --lhr_tune meaning GPU unlock percentage, for compatibility lhr tunes below 10 mapped to new default values; 
* if LHR auto-tune --lhr_autotune enabled miner tries increase LHR unlock percentage while mining; 
* improved RavenCoin performance, fixed floating hashrate; 
* display maximum difficulty of shares for each GPU
⛏ BMiner v16.4.9
* improved performance of Ethereum mining on Nvidia Ampere family GPUs
⛏ CPUminer-Opt-JayDDee v3.19.0 
* implemented some changes to cpu-affinity;
* faster sha256t with AVX512 & AVX2; 
* added stratum error count to stats log, reported only when non-zero

⛏ TeamRedMiner v0.8.6.3
* emergency release to support ERGO hardfork on Nov 7th, need update miner to this version to continue mining ERGO; 
* added argument --autolykos_ignore_diff for certain pools that aren't compatible with the ERGO reference miner pool implementation
⛏ lolMiner v1.35
* adjusted autolykos2 code to to be ready for the epoch 1 and higher, starting Sunday Nov 7th ~8 am UTC aka hardfork, need update miner to this version to continue mining ERGO; 
* improved performance on autolykos2 of AMD Hawaii generation of chips by about 2%;
* added for ETH error correcting tables to check the DAG integrity up to epoch 499 aprox. up to ~early June 2022; 
* added option to use the version 1.33 semi-unlocker style - this was more performant for some GDDR6X cards: use --lhrtune xauto to activate the 1.33 solver style auto tuning;
* Ethash bug fixes: 
    - fixed a bug some crashed Nvidia cards did not trigger the watchdog; 
    - fixed a bug causing the worker name not to be correctly passed to the pool in some cases in 1.34(a);
⛏ WildRig-Multu v0.30.1
* fixed rejects on ghostrider
* lowered devfee to 1% on ghostrider

⛏ Bminer v16.4.8
* fixed some compatibility issues
⛏ NBMiner v39.7
* added LHR mode support for new GA104 version of RTX 3060
* fixed detection LHR lock on certain situation
* fixed Nvidia GPU power consumption issue on certain rig config
* removed support for mining sero
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.30.0
* implemented support ghostrider algo
* fixed support different drivers for RDNA/RDNA2 GPUs
⛏ NanoMiner v3.4.2
* significantly improved Ergo mining autolykos2 performance, up to 60%, on AMD Vega family: RX Vega 56/64, Radeon VII
* slightly improved Ergo mining autolykos2 performance on AMD Polaris family: RX 4xx/5xx
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.8.2
* added possibility to preload dataset/s on autolykos2 algorithm with --gpu-autolykos2-preload parameter
* little faster dataset creation on some GPUs
* job notifications are now displayed in console less frequently, unless extended log is enabled
* reverted autolykos2 kernels for Hawaii, Tonga and Fiji to the ones from v0.7.3
⛏ XMRig v6.15.3 
* AstroBWT speedup up to +35%
* OpenCL fixes for non-AMD platforms

⛏ NBMiner v39.6
* significant improvement ethash LHR mode: 
    - higher hashrate, more stable LHR unlocking
    - default LHR mode changes to lhr-mode 1 for LHR GPUs
    - default values of LHR mode increased, lhr-mode 1 -> 74, lhr-mode 2 -> 71
    - added 3 new options for LHR auto-tuning control: lhr-reduce-value, lhr-reduce-time, lhr-reduce-limit in most cases you do not need to change them, see the miner's manual for details
* adapted for ergo  the 3 new LHR options as for ethash
* disabled SNI extension for SSL connections by default, can be enabled with enable-sni option
* removed support cuckatoo & cuckatoo32 algos
⛏ NanoMiner v3.4.1
* added support zombie mode on firopow for AMD GPUs, for Nvidia GPUs it was introduced in v3.4.0
⛏ lolMiner v1.34a
* bug fixes:
    - added further epochs to the DAG correction detection/table: this can resolve issues with defect shares that appeared in 1.34 or earlier with the start of epoch 450
    - slightly changed internal LHR parameters of 3070 ti & 3080 that can affect to improve stability by this plus a small speedup

⛏ PhoenixMiner v5.8c
* fixed crash when mining on AMD RX 6x00 series cards
* removed error messages when mining on fanless Nvidia cards
⛏ T-Rex v0.24.5
* introduced double-buffer feature for autolykos2 which increase pool-side hashrate by 1-4%: if GPU memory is enough to hold two memory buffers miner now generates the dataset for the next ERGO block before it arrives
* added hashrate reporting on kawpow, firopow to the mining pool
* added devices-info parameter to list available CUDA devices
* bug fixes