⛏ lolMiner v1.37
* improved ethash performance on Nvidia Turing by about 0.4 to 0.7%; 
* improvement of ethash performance on Nvidia Maxwell/Pascal up to 1%; 
* changed LHR tuning algorithm to minimize the number of locks & time for finding a stable value; 
* improved LHR performance for 3060 V1 on driver v460.39 and earlier; 
* added ergo kernel for AMD RX 6600XT/6700XT for new drivers; 
* a lot of improvements in terms of displaying information in the miner's log; 
* various bug fixes; see all changes in full changelog
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.31.1
* improved heavyhash up to 80% on Nvidia Pascal/Turing/Ampere; 
* improved heavyhash up to 32% vs v0.30.9 on AMD RDNA/RDNA2 GPUs with less power consumption; 
* added default parameters for CMP 40/50/70/90/170 HX and RTX A4500/5000/6000; 
* fixed power jumps on NVIDIA GPUs; 
* devfee set to 2% on heavyhash for Nvidia rigs
⛏ XMRig v6.16.1
* fixes for GhostRider: added average hashrate display, fixed the number of threads shown at startup; 
* added VAES support for Cryptonight variants: up to +4% speedup on Zen3

⛏ PhoenixMiner v5.9d 
* fixed issues with AMD RX6700XT with older drivers; 
* other small fixes
⛏ GMiner v2.73
* added LHR mode support for RTX 3060 GA104
* added option --lhr_autotune_step to control LHR tune step size
* added option --dag_gen_limit to control maximal number of parallel DAG generations
* display IP address of pool in statistics report
* restore overclocking after stopping of mining
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.8.4
* performance increase on heavyhash algorithm for GPU's
* fixed display of hashrate while doing GPU auto tune process
* changed GPU temperature to show 'edge' value instead of 'hotspot'
⛏ XMRig v6.16.0
* added gr (GhostRider) algorithm support for RTM/Raptoreum mining
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.30.9
* fixed low hashrate on heavyhash for AMD GPUs with old drivers
* added default parameters for NVIDIA RTX A2000, A3000 and A4000

⛏ NBMiner v40.1
* added support future LHR GPU models;
* display current LHR value in console summary table;
* option proxy now support username & password for SOCKS5 proxy, format: "proxy": "user:[email protected]:port";
* CPU share validation processed into independent thread;
* fixed LHR lock detection failure on some cases
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.30.6
* one more round of heavyhash optimizations, up to 10% on some GPUs
⛏ NanoMiner v3.4.4
* improved performance of RandomX

⛏ GMiner v2.72
* fixed memory leaks on AMD GPUs; 
* fixed compatibility with latest Linux distributions; 
* fixed crashes appeared in v2.71
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v0.8.3
* performance increased on 'heavyhash' algorithm for GPU's: up to ~20% on some cards; 
* fixed issue with recognizing some GPU's on newer drivers: broken since v0.8.1; 
* reworked hashrate reporting/stats - now reporting average for 1 min / 1 hr / 6 hr / 12 hr
⛏ lolMiner v1.36a
* improved ethash & etchash performance on all Nvidia Turing & Ampere GPUs by 0.3 to 0.7%; 
* decreased rate of stales on Nvidia Turing & Ampere GPUs;
* modified LHR auto tuning to use finer steps: 0.2 instead of 1;
* new option --lhrwait n will set the miner to wait n seconds, until the LHR detection and calibration gets active;
* fixed a potential crash on switching between cached Eth and Zil DAG on Nvidia cards;
* fixed lost empty worker name on ezil pool;
* fixed a bug causing rare defect shares on LHR GPUs
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.30.2
* added support SSL;
* slightly faster ghostrider ~1-2%
⛏ PhoenixMiner v5.9b
* show the GPU vendor name in the list of GPUs to make it easier to identify the GPUs;
* added support for the latest official AMD Linux drivers 21.40.1;
* fixed issues with AMD Vega, Radeon VII, RX6700XT cards with the latest AMD drivers;
* fixed crash with very old Nvidia drivers;

⛏ T-Rex v0.24.7
* bug fix: some options set in config file not processed, e.g. lhr-autotune-step-size
* removed "hashrate-avr": 30 from global config to use miner default option and get smoother graph e.g. on LHR GPUs
⛏ NanoMiner v3.4.3
* improved performance kawpow and firopow on Nvidia GPUs up to 3% depends on GPU model
⛏ GMiner v2.71
* improved LHR performance, added two modes --lhr_mode N where N can be 0 or 1, 0 - energy save mode, 1 - maximal performance mode, it's default mode; 
* miner display LHR unlock percentage in statistics table on LHR row, you can adjust it by --lhr_tune option; 
* now --lhr_tune meaning GPU unlock percentage, for compatibility lhr tunes below 10 mapped to new default values; 
* if LHR auto-tune --lhr_autotune enabled miner tries increase LHR unlock percentage while mining; 
* improved RavenCoin performance, fixed floating hashrate; 
* display maximum difficulty of shares for each GPU
⛏ BMiner v16.4.9
* improved performance of Ethereum mining on Nvidia Ampere family GPUs
⛏ CPUminer-Opt-JayDDee v3.19.0 
* implemented some changes to cpu-affinity;
* faster sha256t with AVX512 & AVX2; 
* added stratum error count to stats log, reported only when non-zero