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What's new?

⚙️ Updated scripts for overclocking NAVI cards; Improved autofan script

GMiner v2.49 (improved DAG generation, now miner generates valid DAG in extremal OC modes; safe_dag option allows you to choose a way to DAG generation. There are two modes: Fast mode(1, default for GTX GPUs): miner generates DAG as quickly as possible, DAG errors are possible at maximum overclocking and Safe mode(2, default for RTX GPUs): miner generates DAG with error control, useful for RTX cards at maximum overclocking; improved memory tweaks(fixed problem with possibly broken DAG on epoch change))
TeamRedMiner v0.8.1.1 (added support RX 6700 XT)
NBMiner v37.1 (fixed Ergo high reject ratio on 10 series Nvidia GPUs; fixed Ergo pool compatibility)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.7.1 (added algorithm 'heavyhash' for CPU mining oBTC coin, fee 0.85%; added algorithm 'yespowermgpc' for CPU mining MGPC/MagPieCoin, fee 0.85%; small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm; fixed crash on 'panthera' algorithm on non-Ryzen CPUs; minor bug fixes)
CPUminer-Opt-rplant v5.0.19 (added 'heavyhash' algo; fixed memory leak on gr algo; bug fixes)

2021-03-26 18:32:00

What's new?

NanoMiner v3.3.2 (performance improvements for 'autolykos' ~40% for AMD Vega family: Vega 56/64/VII)
T-Rex v0.19.12 (add ethproxy (getwork) mode; bug fixes: "No connection error"; API security vulnerability that allows creating / modifying PC files when API is bound to in read-only mode - Hive users were not affected by this vulnerability)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.7.0 (reduced power consumption on 'autolykos2' algorithm for Ellesmere GPU's ~2-3%; reduced power consumption on 'verthash' algorithm for Ellesmere GPU's ~5% and Vega ~10%; performance increase on 'verthash' algorithm for Vega GPU's ~3% and CPU ~7%; added parameter '--verthash-dat-path'; fixed 'verthash' algorithm stack smash issue; fixed watchdog not triggering on dead GPU issue; fixed crash on 'panthera' algorithm; removed parameters : --gpu-watchdog-disable-mode, --watchdog-rounds; fixed bugs)

2021-03-17 09:18:28

What's new?

GMiner v2.45 (improved performance on Ethash for Nvidia and AMD GPUs; improved performance on KAWPOW for Nvidia GPUs; decreased stale shares rate on Nvidia GPUs for Ethash and KAWPOW algorithms; removed kernel #3 and added 2 energy efficiency kernels (#5 and #6) on Ethash for Nvidia GPUs; improved kernel auto-tuning, auto-tuning takes into account energy efficiency of kernels; optimized NVML polls to decrease memory leaks caused by recent Nvidia drivers, to exclude memory leaks completely use --pec 0 option)
miniZ v1.73x3 (added support for ethash – ETH/ETC (beta), fee 0.75%; improved stale shares for all algos; added support with 1% fee for RVN, ZELS, SERO, ZANO, VEIL, VBK; fixed 192,7 mining; minor improvements for 210,9 and 96,5; removed support for 150,5,3; improved overall stability)
XMRig v6.9.0 (fixed crash when GPU mining cn-heavy on Zen3 system)

2021-03-03 09:17:55

What's new?

lolMiner v1.24a (fixed a bug, that often caused the amdgpu driver to report a VM_CONTEXT1_PROTECTION_FAULT_STATUS on startup; fixed defect shares and wrong reported has hrate when started with fixed --zombie-tune parameters directly; added (tunable) zombie mode kernels for R9 290(x) and R9 295 GPUs; fixed a bug with Baffin RX 460/550/560 and Tonga R9 380 GPUs showing too high hashrate and producing invalids in 1.23 zombie mode; fixed a bug with ETC mining not starting up when more then two 4G GPUs in 1.23)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.6.7 (performance increase on 'autolykos2' algorithm on GPU's, devfee increased from 1.25% to 2.00%; added 1 or 2 buffer mode for build DAG on ethash, see manual for option --gpu-ethash-mode; minor bug fixes)
XMRig v6.8.2 (optimized CryptoNight-Heavy for Zen3, 7-8% speedup)

2021-02-16 09:40:06

What's new?

nanominer v3.2.2 (Fixed Autolykos for AMD Big Navi (Radeon 6xxx))
Lolminer v1.24 (Added (tunable) zombie mode kernels for R9 290(x) and R9 295 GPUs - on a popular request; Fixed a bug with Baffin (RX 450,460, 550, 560) and Tonga (R9 380(X) ) GPUs showing too high hashrate and producing invalids in 1.23 zombie mode; Fixed a bug with ETC mining not starting up when more then two 4G GPUs in 1.23)
T-Rex v0.19.11 ((API) Bind API servers to by default to prevent unauthorized access to the API; (API) Miner pause functionality is broken (regression))

2021-02-12 16:32:25