⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.3.6
✔️ Added support for algorithm 'dynex' on NVIDIA GPUs
✔️ Performance improvement on algorithm 'dynex' on AMD GPUs
✔️ Removed Dynex optimised dual kernels
✔️ Lowered devfee for algorithm 'ethashb3' to standard 0.85%
✔️ Added parameter '--busy-wait-recheck' which sets the NVIDIA/INTEL GPUs OpenCL busy wait recheck value per algorithm*

⛏ Rigel v1.8.1
✔️ Add Neoxa mining support (-a neoxa, see neox bat/sh script)
✔️ (RVN) Bugfix: Miner is incompatible with Hiveon pool
✔️ (ETC) Bugfix: Invalid shares issue introduced in 1.8.0

⛏ miniZ v2.2c
✔️ Added support for the EthashB3 algorithm (Rethereum, RTH). Commission: 1%
✔️ Added support for the EvrProgPoW (Evrmore, EVR) algorithm. Commission: 1%
✔️ Removed DAG generation in most cases when mining commission on ProgPow/Ethash algorithms
✔️ Fixed an issue that caused a miner error when mining ProgPow/KawPoW
✔️ Fixed problems with Zil mining when mining on Nicehash
✔️ Small hashrate improvement for RTX40XX cards on equihash 125.4 (FLUX) and 144.5 (BTG, BTCZ,…) algorithms

⛏ CPUminer-opt v3.23.2
✔️ sha256dt, sha256t & sha256d +10% with SHA, small improvement with AVX2.
✔️ Other small improvements and code cleanup

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.2.1
✔️ Added support for SSL/TLS
pool urls now support ssl:// or stratum+ssl:// prefix to enable ssl
✔️ Added new option --no-cert-validation to skip SSL/TLS certificate verification.
✔️ Added rejected shares monitoring to watchdog
✔️ Revised watchdog's issue handling
✔️ The miner does a full restart of mallob and pool connections on watchdog issues.
✔️ Removed the OpenSSL 1.1 dependency and updated internal OpenSSL library to the latest version.
✔️ OpenSSL is now statically linked
✔️ Deprecated --max-no-job option since it is redundant and max-no-acc does the same job.
This option is disabled in this version and will be removed in the next release.
✔️ Added more dev pools and randomization of dev pool selection to reduce the load on pools servers
✔️ Fixed a bug that could freeze the miner on multiple mallob reconnections.
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ Rigel v1.7.1
✔️ (Rethereum) Add RTH+RXD and RTH+RXD+ZIL mining support

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.3.4
✔️ Added algorithm 'ethashb3' (RETHEREUM coin) support for NVIDIA GPUs
✔️ Added support for dual mining ETHASHB3/SHA512_256D_RADIANT on NVIDIA and AMD RDNA1/2/3 GPUs
✔️ Added gfx906 (Vega VII) binaries for algorithm 'dynex' on newer drivers (tested on 22.40.6)
✔️ Fixed gfx900 mining on algorithm 'dynex' broke in previous version

⛏ BzMiner v16.0.1
✔️ Optimized Rethereum (Nvidia/AMD)
✔️ Added Optimized Rethereum + Radiant

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.2.1
✔️ Hashrate improvement mostly on 20xx and 30xx gpu series
✔️ Added a more robust file downloader with progress bar
✔️ Added ability to remove corrupted or unneeded job files

⛏ Rigel v1.6.4
✔️ (Ergo) Add ERG+ALPH and ERG+ALPH+ZIL mining support (see dual-erg-alph bat/sh script)
Bug fixes:
✔️ (IronFish) Miner frequently reconnects when mining to NiceHash
✔️ Miner stops logging if the log files are moved or deleted while it's running

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.3.1
✔️ Updated algorithm 'dynex' to support dynexsolve 2.3.0 (new job types, FP64, etc.)
✔️ Removed support for INTEL GPU's on algorithm 'dynex'
✔️ Removed support for NVIDIA GPU's on algorithm 'dynex' [temporary]
✔️ Fixed dual ERG/ETC/ETH + SHA256DT kernels on some GPU's broken since V2.2.6
✔️ Minor bug fixes

⛏ miniZ v2.1c
✔️ Added support for kHeavyHash algorithm (KASPA). Fee: 0.8%.
✔️ Added support for new ZIL epoch # 1.
✔️ Improvements for CFX, for some NVIDIA gpus.
✔️ Improved invalid shares on CFX.

⛏ OneZeroMiner v1.2.0
✔️ This release is mainly to support dynexsolve 2.3.0.
✔️ Support for ML, SAT and MAXSAT jobs
✔️ Adaptive stepsize
✔️ Randomized parameters
✔️ Double precision accuracy
✔️ Note: The hashrates of this version is significantly lower than v1.1.3 because of all the changes made.

⛏ Rigel v1.6.3
✔️ (Nexa+ZIL) It is now possible to disable ZIL DAG caching to increase Nexa hashrate on 8GB cards (see below)
✔️ (ZIL) Add --zil-cache-dag on/off parameter to enable/disable ZIL DAG caching (on by default)
✔️ (ZIL) Add --zil on/off parameter to enable/disable ZIL mining per GPU individually (on by default)
✔️ (Ergo) Make ERG hashrate drop less significant during prebuild phase when dual mining ERG+RXD and ERG+KAS
✔️ Allow setting two decimals for dual ratio --dual-mode a12:rN.NN
✔️ (UI) Display GPU core and memory offsets
✔️ (UI) Add "r" key shortcut to redact username/worker (useful when sharing screenshots of miner output)
✔️ Bug fixes: --dual-mode a1/a2 modes are broken when triple mining