⛏ WildRig Multi v0.36.10
✔️ improved memehashv2 on NVIDIA gpu's and AMD Ploaris/Vega gpu's
✔️ fixed low hashrate of memehashv2 on AMD RDNA gpu's

⛏ Team Red Miner v0.10.14
✔️ ZIL patch release to support mining on epoch 1.
✔️ GPU: Fixed ZIL mining on epoch 1 (instead of epoch 0).

⛏ lolMiner v1.76a
✔️ Fixed a bug causing split pool connections for ZIL mining not working since the epoch change
✔️ Fixed a bug causing ZIL dag cache on Nvidia GPUs to not work since the epoch change
✔️ Fixed a bug causing a defect ZIL dag to be created on AMD GPUs when mining ETC+ZIL

⛏ WildRig Multi v0.36.8
✔️ improved memehashv2 for AMD RDNA3 and NVIDIA gpu's(decreased speed on everything else, so stick with 0.36.7)

⛏ Rigel v1.6.2
✔️ (ZIL) Cache DAG for epoch 1, following ZIL epoch change
✔️ (Nexa) Add --nexapow-small-lut on/off parameter to enforce using small lookup tables
✔️ Display pool latency before the first share submission
Bug fixes:
✔️ (Nicehash) unexpected EOF error when mining ETC
✔️ Miner crashes when mining ETC + KAS using Turing GPUs

⛏ GMiner v3.41
✔️ supports Zil mining on epoch #1 for non ZMP protocol

⛏ BzMiner v15.4.0
✔️ Added new coin: clore
✔️ Added new coin: xna (Neurai)
✔️ Fixed low zil, etc, ethw and octa hashrate
✔️ Increased dev fee for rvn, meowcoin, and neoxa to 1%
✔️ Fixed possible crash on startup
✔️ Fixed up some logging

⛏ nanominer v3.8.4
✔️ Fixed DAG-based algorithms on AMD RX 7600 (gfx1102):
ethash family (ETHW, ETC, Ubiq, Zilliqa, Callisto, etc);
progpow family (Raven, FIRO);
Octopus (Conflux).

⛏ BzMiner v15.2.1
✔️ Significant Ergo efficiency improvement (Nvidia)
✔️ Minor improvement to Nexa hashrate (Nvidia)
✔️ Significant hashrate/efficiency improvement to: ergo + radiant
✔️ Significant hashrate/efficiency improvement to: ergo + kaspa
✔️ Improved zil stability when switching OC's
✔️ Improved overall dual+ mining stability
✔️ Added pool hr percentage relative to miner hr
✔️ Fixed Nexa extranonce for some pools
✔️ Added option zil_retain_hashrate to keep last zil hashrate showing in miner
✔️ Added option cache_dag for ergo to precalculate the next ergo dag
✔️ Reduced ergo + rxd/kaspa startup time
✔️ Improved dual mining auto intensity feature
✔️ dual rxd will not work in this release, a fix for this will be released shortly

⛏ Rigel v1.5.2
 ✔️ Fixed: (Zilliqa) The miner crashes or produces very low hashrate when switching to Zil mining
✔️ Fixed: (Nexa) Performance regression

⛏ Nanominer v3.8.3
 ✔️ Improved Kaspa performance on RDNA3 GPUs up to 10%.
✔️ Added AMD RX 7600 (and others based on gfx1102) support.
✔️ Fixed VerusCoin mining protocol issue.

⛏ Rigel v1.5.0
✔️ Add support for mining Radiant (-a sha512256d), dev fee 1.0%
✔️ (Kaspa) Tiny performance improvements
✔️ Allow --fan-control to be set per algorithm - can be used to set different fan speeds for primary algorithm and ZIL

⛏ SRBMiner-MULTI v2.2.8
✔️Added algorithm 'memehash' (PEPEPOW coin) for CPU/GPU mining, fee 2% [AMD/NVIDIA/INTEL]
✔️Minor improvement for algorithm 'dynex' in dual mining mode
✔️Fixed hashrate regression on 'sha512_256d_radiant' algorithm for RX6600 GPU's [single mode]
✔️Fixed algorithm 'lyra2v2_webchain' on NVIDIA GPU's broken in previous versions
✔️Fixed algorithm 'autolykos2' in dual mining with 'sha512_256d_radiant' for some GPU's broken in previous version
✔️Added sum of accepted/rejected/hw error shares to stats
✔️Added parameter '--disable-gpu-dual-kernels' [disables usage of optimised dual kernels]