⛏ GMiner v3.03
* Improved stability of API server
⛏ WildRig-Multi v0.32.0
* Fixed CURVEHASH for Vega and old 1-2Gb GPUs.
* Slight CURVEHASH improvement for Polaris, RDNA, RDNA2 and NVIDIA GPUs.
⛏ SRBMiner-Multi v1.0.0
* Added ETHASH/ETCHASH + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining mode.
* Added AUTOLYKOS2 + BLAKE3_ALEPHIUM dual mining mode.
* Fixed ETHASH/ETCHASH + KASPA mining on nicehash.
* Added --gpu-table-slow-build parameter which slows down DAG creation for ETHASH/ETCHASH/UBQHASH/PROGPOW/AUTOLYKOS2 algorithms.
Fixed a few dual mining mode bugs.
Note: --gpu-dual-mode is no longer needed. Miner auto-detects if selected algorithms are eligible for dual mining.
⛏ lolMiner v1.52a
* Fixed a bug that can sometimes cause the pool hashrate to half after multiple reconnect attempts in a row
* Adjusted behavior of LHR unlock function so solve issues with some configurations occurred in v1.52
⛏ NanoMiner v3.6.7
* Fixed bug: nanominer does not require libcuda.so on AMD rigs anymore

⛏ TeamRedMiner v0.10.2
* Tweaked Polaris ethash tuning to work better with the new smooth-power setup.
* Fix for Autolykos crashing on Polaris and 4GB GPUs.
* Fix for Eth+Ton dual mining crashes with new smooth-power setup.
⛏ GMiner v3.01
* Fixed RavenCoin mining errors
* Fixed displaying of pool hashrate for RavenCoin.
⛏ lolMiner v1.52
* New memory management for Ergo on Nvidia GPUs.
* Added 2 more epochs on Ergo for 3G AMD GPUs.
* Slight changes to LHR unlocker to improve the unlocker stability.
* Removed: 2G zombie modes for Ergo on AMD cards.
* Removed: Support for mining Ton in single and dual mining modes.
* Bug fixes.
⛏XMRig v6.18.0
* Removed deprecated AstroBWTv1 and v2.
* Fixed debug GhostRider build.
* Monero v15 network upgrade support.
* Fixed ZMQ debug log.
* Improved daemon ZMQ mining stability.
* Fixed --cpu-priority not working sometimes.
* Removed old AstroBWT algorithm.

⛏ Gminer v2.97 
* optimized RavenCoin mining
* decreased miner size (-30 MB)
* removed BeamHash algorithm
⛏ NBMiner v42.2
* Add a new option --lhr-mode to select LHR unlock mode. --lhr-mode 1 is the default mode and is the same as which in v41.5 Try to use --lhr-mode 2 if stability issue encountered in mode 1. LHR v3 GPUs can only use mode 1
* Extend LHR unlocker to work with old driver versions. Starting from 515.x, LHR unlocker no longer works, make sure not to use these new driver versions.
* Small hashrate improvement on Nvidia GPUs.
* Add eth_submitHashrate for nicehash (EthereumStratum) protocol.
NOTE: NBMiner versions older than v39.5 (not included) will run into issue when ETH reaches EPOCH 520 (Approx mid September). Please make sure to upgrade to a newer version before that if ETH is still with POW.

⛏ T-Rex v0.26.4
* Implemented 90% LHR unlocker for Nvidia LHRv3 GPUs: RTX 3080 12GB and RTX 3050
* Bug fix: miner sometimes takes too long to shut down on multi-GPU rigs

⛏ lolMiner v1.51a
* slight improvements and fixes
⛏ NanoMiner v3.6.3
* 100% LHR unlock for Nvidia LHR v1 and LHR v2 GPUs, recommended Nvidia drivers v510 series