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What's new?

lolMiner v1.26 (slightly improved performance of Ethash on Pascal / Turing & Ampere GPUs, about +0.1 - 0.2 mh per card; further reduced internal latency in Ethash CUDA backend = less stale shares & CPU load; added experimental Grin-C32 kernel for Radeon 6700; fixed bugs: CUDA backend to crash with a segfault on Epoch change which introduced in v1.25, some (rare) potential faults in Beam stratum)
XMRig v6.11.2 (fixed regression in HTTP parser)

2021-04-15 07:59:31

What's new?

Gminer v2.51 (significant CPU usage reduction (up to 5x); fixed bug with AE mining (appeared in 2.50); fixed bug with worker name (appeared in 2.50))
T-Rex v0.20.0 (Remove old and rarely used algorithms (x25x, x16r, etc); Combine all CUDA builds into a single binary; (UI) Display maximum share difficulty if --validate-shares is set; Fixed: --script-epoch-change fails to execute the script when switching to ZIL session when dual mining ETH+ZIL; Fixed: (API) Inconsistent GPU ordering in API when --pci-indexing is set; Fixed: Various stability issues)

2021-04-12 12:16:34

What's new?

NanoMiner v3.3.4 (faster dataset creation for Ergo on AMD RX 4xx and 5xx series)
Bminer v16.4.6 (improved performance for Conflux mining on the Turing / Ampere architecture; improved energy efficiency for Ethereum on the Polaris architecture)
SRBMiner-MULTI v0.7.2 (Added algorithm 'heavyhash' (oBTC - Optical Bitcoin) for GPU mining, fee 2.5%; Dataset creation for 'autolykos2' algorithm on 'ellesmere' GPU's faster ~3%; DevFee for 'verthash' algorithm lowered to 1%; Parameter '--disable-workers-ramp-up' changed back to '--enable-workers-ramp-up', so default value of ramp-up is now disabled; Api doesn't report 0 h/s anymore while creating dataset for 'autolykos2' algorithm; Added parameter '--max-no-submit-responses' (for details check --help ); Minor bug fixes)
XMRig v6.11.1 (optimized cn-heavy algorithm; fixed mining job creation sequence)

2021-04-09 17:50:02

What's new?

NanoMiner v3.3.3 (faster dataset creation for Ergo coin/autolykos2 algo; added zombie mode for Ergo on 2 Gb GPUs both Nvidia and AMD; fixed issues with shardpool on Zilliqa)
GMiner v2.50 (improved beamhash performance (~+2%); improved cuckatoo32 performance (~+5%); added display of GPU model in statistics table; added --worker parameter to specify worker name for ETH pools thats doesn't support wallet.worker notation; added option to display date in log (--log_date); added option to log stratum (--log_stratum); display epoch and block number on new job; updated Web UI for --api; uses --proto stratum for NiceHash by default; removed algorithms: VDS, BFC; bug fixes and stability improvements)
lolMiner 1.25 (Added a real Cuda back-end for better Nvidia GPU support on Ethash; Supports Maxwell to Ampere GPU generations; Two different mining kernels. Use --mode a (faster) --mode b (better energy efficiency) to select between the two. The selection can be done per card via a comma separated list. In mixed system select 'a' for skipping over the AMD cards. Both kernel modes need less energy and perform better then in 1.24a; Reduced internal latency for less stale shares; Reduced CPU load when mining with Nvidia cards; lolMiner works now without OpenCL driver installed; In case of mixed rigs AMD GPUs will use OpenCL while Nvidia cards use Cuda; ZIL cache feature fully supported (and stable); Temperature stop & Zombie mode is currently not supported; Added Ethash, Beam Hash III & Cortex kernels for RX 6700; The Ethash stratum interface will now try to run up to three attempts of reconnecting before switching the stratum mode; Fixed "Warning: index out of bounds" error when switching from ETHPROXY to ETHV1 stratum mode. This might solve problems with some pools on connection loss)

2021-04-08 09:43:04

What's new?

⚙️ Updated scripts for overclocking NAVI cards; Improved autofan script

GMiner v2.49 (improved DAG generation, now miner generates valid DAG in extremal OC modes; safe_dag option allows you to choose a way to DAG generation. There are two modes: Fast mode(1, default for GTX GPUs): miner generates DAG as quickly as possible, DAG errors are possible at maximum overclocking and Safe mode(2, default for RTX GPUs): miner generates DAG with error control, useful for RTX cards at maximum overclocking; improved memory tweaks(fixed problem with possibly broken DAG on epoch change))
TeamRedMiner v0.8.1.1 (added support RX 6700 XT)
NBMiner v37.1 (fixed Ergo high reject ratio on 10 series Nvidia GPUs; fixed Ergo pool compatibility)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.7.1 (added algorithm 'heavyhash' for CPU mining oBTC coin, fee 0.85%; added algorithm 'yespowermgpc' for CPU mining MGPC/MagPieCoin, fee 0.85%; small improvements on 'autolykos2' algorithm; fixed crash on 'panthera' algorithm on non-Ryzen CPUs; minor bug fixes)
CPUminer-Opt-rplant v5.0.19 (added 'heavyhash' algo; fixed memory leak on gr algo; bug fixes)

2021-03-26 18:32:00