MinerOS News. Corrections and system improvements. Miner update and more. Page 7.

What's new?

PhoenixMiner v5.4b (new kernels for AMD Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster when the DAG buffer is approaching or passing 4GB in size - work on AMD drivers 20.10+; re-running auto-tune as needed when switching to a different DAG buffer type, e.g. when switching from ETH to ETC, or back; other small fixes and improvements)
TeamRedMiner v0.7.20 (ethash: added default capped DAG allocation for 4GBs at 4072MB, see '--eth_4g_max_alloc'; ethash: bugfix for crashes using '--eth_dag_cache' on 4GB GPUs)
NBMiner v35.0 (added statistics for invalid shares on ethash; added statistics for Health information of AMD GPU; more detailed error information of OpenCL API; reduced CPU usage)
GMiner v2.34 (added DAG check after generation for Ethash and ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms, this feature help to detect overclock issues; decreased stale share percentage on ProgPoW/KAWPOW algorithms; improved AMD support)
T-Rex v0.19.4 (changes for 0.19.3&0.19.4: improved octopus performance 1-2% on some configurations; reduced the amount of invalid shares on ethash and octopus; added --no-hashrate-report parameter to disable hashrate reporting to the mining pool; added --keep-gpu-busy parameter to continue mining even in case of connection loss: useful if pausing GPUs causes instability)
NanoMiner v3.1.4 (fixed stability issue with AMD RX 5700 mining Ethash)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.5.9 (fixed a bug on 'randomx' algorithm that could cause miner to create invalid shares for some jobs; removed algorithms: 'cryptonight_bbc', 'cryptonight_catalans'; bug fixes)
WildRig-Multi v0.28.2 (x11k algo will use the same algo for devfee, this should improve miner stability on some cards; option --print-devices now will print busID)
CPUMiner-Opt-rplant v5.0.1 (added automatic selection of the nearest working stratum and switching on errors; improved yescrypt/yespower; fixed latency display; many other improvements and bug fixes)
CPUMiner-Opt-JayDDee v3.15.3 (various improvements and optimizations)

2020-12-14 21:12:45

What's new?

⚙️ Fixed a problem with T-Rex miner fault

TeamRedMiner v0.7.19 (rewritten miner GPU initialization procedure; reintroduced single DAG buffer support for recent drivers allowing large single allocations, see --eth_dag_buf; added high score list of the 15 highest value shares found since miner start, see --high_score; for other improvements and fixes see miner changelog)
NanoMiner v3.1.4 (Fixed detecting 0 Nvidia devices in case NVML fails with latest Nvidia driver; Fixed stability issue with AMD RX 5700 mining Ethash in Linux)

2020-12-10 19:35:38

What's new?

miniZ v1.6x (improved equihash 210/9 (Aion) up +8% depending on GPU; improved hashrate on equihash 144/5 for the RTX 30XX GPUs; fixed issues with '--pers' on MiningRigRentals; combined CUDA 8/10/11 versions into one (same) executable)
NanoMiner v3.1.3 (ethash improvements on Nvidia GPUs: +1.7% on Turing 16xx, 20xx and +0.5% on Ampere 30xx; octopus improvements on Nvidia GPUs: +4% on Turing 16xx, 20xx and +2% on Ampere 30xx)
NBMiner v34.5 (improved ethash hashrate 1% on certain Nvidia GPUs; minor octopus improvement on certain 20 & 30 series Nvidia GPUs; improved memory tweak efficiency and compatibility on Nvidia Pascal GPUs; fixed kawpow/progpow crash on certain AMD & Nvidia rigs)

2020-12-09 20:59:55

What's new?

⚙️ Fixed a problem with "bash: ./miner: No such file or directory" on some rigs

T-Rex v0.19.1 (octopus: Minor performance improvements; NOTE: use CUDA 10.0 build for 16 and 20 series cards for better performance)
SRBMiner-Multi v0.5.8 (increased hashrate on 'curvehash' algorithm ~10-13%; added possibility to dual mine Ethash+Zil, Etchash+Zil; fixed some issues)
CPUminer-Opt-rplant v4.5.20 (add x22 algo, blakestar2 coin)
XMRig v6.6.2 (optimized JIT compiler; fixed RandomX init when switching to other algo and back; Compiled with 0% DevFee)

2020-12-02 20:41:39

What's new?

T-Rex v0.19.0 (Add 'octopus' algorithm (dev fee 2%); Load NVRTC library only when required reducing RAM footprint for non-ProgPoW based algorithms; Remove '--gpu-report-interval parameter', now GPU stats summary table is printed every 30s; Other cosmetic changes; NOTE: according to user reports CUDA 10.0 build is faster than CUDA 11.1 on octopus for 16 and 20 series cards)
NBMiner v34.4 (fix: etchash error on swiching epoch; optimize: 'octopus' Improve hashrate 1-5% on Nvidia 16, 20, 30 series GPUs, 29.2M on 1660s)

2020-12-01 16:52:41