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What's new?

TeamRedMiner v0.8.0 (rewritten ethash kernels and new mining modes for all gpu types; Key features: Polaris reintroduced B-mode: power efficiency and slight hashrate increase. B-mode must be enabled with --eth_aggr_mode or --eth_config=Bxxx; Vega 56/64: greatly improved base kernel for efficiency. New B-mode that can shave off additional 1-2W on top of the A-mode kernel. B-mode must be enabled manually with --eth_config; Radeon VII: huge boost with its new C-mode but requires a special Linux setup. Can now do 100 MH/s; 5700/5700XT: can shave off as much as 8-9W(!) of power using the new B-mode and dropping core clk+voltage. B-mode now the default mining mode; 5600XT: new B-mode has a much smaller effect. A-mode remains the default mining mode; DAG cache is NOT compatible with the new B/C-modes. ETH+ZIL switchers have to choose between caching the epoch 0 dag and using the new mining modes; ethash 4GB kernels NOT rewritten)
Bminer v16.4.5 (fixed compatibility issues with some Etherum mining pools)

2021-01-19 10:17:28

What's new?

⚙️ Added new mineros 4.16 image (os: Ubuntu 20.04, kernel: 5.6.19, amd: opencl legacy+pal 20.40, nvidia: 460.32.03). The latest nvidia driver is compatibale with all generations of GPUs: 10xx/20xx/30xx! Also included in the image are all updated files including atitool.

PhoenixMiner v5.5b (Added native kernels for AMD RX6800 and RX6900 GPUs. These are faster than the generic kernels and produce a lot less stale shares; Updated kernels for AMD Polaris, Vega and Navi GPUs that are slightly faster and use less power than before when mining ETH. To use these updated kernels, you need to use drivers 20.10.x or later under Linux; Added support for AMD Linux drivers 20.45-1164792 and 20.45-1188099. Use this drivers only if you have RX6800 or RX6900 GPU. WARNING: Vega and Navi GPUs wont' work with these drivers; Automatically set -ttli instead of -tmax when the later is not supported by the driver. This will throttle down the GPUs when they reach the specified temperature to avoid overheating)
Gminer v2.42 (fixed performance regression for Ethash/Etchash algorithm on Nvidia miding edition cards; added auto-tune for Ethash/Etchash algorithm on Nvidia cards, miner -automatically select fastest kernel, also you can select specific kernel manually by using --oc flag, currently 3 kernels available, 0 means auto-tune by miner; added display of shares per minute; added option to control hashrate report interval (--report_interval in seconds); removed cuckarooz29 algorithm due Grin will not support it after hardfork)
nanominer v3.1.5 (Updated AMD Navi GPU Ethash kernels, new performance tuning applied)
SRBMiner-MULTI v0.6.3 (Added algorithm 'phi5' for GPU mining, fee 0.85%; Added algorithm 'yespowertide' (Tidecoin) for CPU mining, fee 0.85%; Fixed 'cryptonight_xhv', now it works on coins other than Haven; Performance increase on 'phi5' algorithm on CPU; Bug fixes)

2021-01-15 10:07:23

What's new?

T-Rex v0.19.7 (improved stability for 30xx series GPUs on ethash/octopus/kawpow; verify OC stability on ethash after DAG rebuild 'Instability detected' message is printed in case there are issues; added gpu-report-interval parameter to control hashrate summary report frequency based on the number of share submissions; added feature to internal watchdog to display a list of GPUs caused miner restart with GPU is idle error)
lolMiner v1.19 (added automatic tuning mode for --zombie-tune which on by default and running miner with option --4g-alloc-size set only will run the zombie mode automatic tuning, see details on miner manual; ethash stratum connection will now reconnect after three pool rejected shares in a row that did pass own CPU verify before)
NBMiner v36.1 (lowered power consumption for 20、30 series Nvidia GPU on octopus; improved hashrate 2% on 16 series Nvidia GPU on octopus; slightly reduced stale ratio on ethash; general improved overall stability, fixed a random crash; added detail datetime & cpu usage in summary log; ethash: if DAG verification failed, display corresponding GPU name in red in summary)
CryptoDredge v0.26.0 (added KawPow algorithm; added Chukwa-v2 algorithm; fixed MTP issue related to 'invalid device symbol'; added support NVIDIA Ampere RTX 30xx; added --temperature-limit and --temperature-start options; added off flag to Nimiq optimizer --optimizer off; removed some no longer supported algorithms; Notice: this build requires the latest Nvidia drivers)

2021-01-11 17:46:08

What's new?

Gminer v2.41 (changed default --dag_mode values for polular AMD GPUs (will improve performance compared with previous version when no --dag_mode specified); display valid/stale/invalid shares for Ethash/Etchash and KAWPOW algorithms when solution check on CPU enabled ("stale_shares", "invalid_shares" in API response); display warning when AMD compute mode is disabled)
lolMiner v1.18a (Miner not mining ETC correctly; Reverted some internal parameters that might cause instability of 1.18)
CPUminer-Opt-rplant v5.0.11 (added yespowerTIDE algo for Tidecoin)

2021-01-08 16:24:22

What's new?

GMiner v2.40 (significant performance improvements for KAWPOW, especially on rigs with large number of GPUs; improved compatibility with Ravencoin pools (miningpoolhub.com); added option to control DAG buffering mode (single or dual, --dag_mode); added option to support "Zombie Mode" for Ethash, Etchash and KAWPOW algortihms (--dag_limit); improved detection of freezing AMD GPUs under linux; fixed display of core and memory clocks under linux; display GPU PCI index on miner startup; removed unpopular algorithms: sero, vprogpow, progpowz, cuckarood29, cuckarood29v)
lolMiner v1.18 (Improved linux zombie mode power draw & speed Polaris GPUs (R9 380, RX Fury, RX 4x0 and RX 5x0). Depending on configuration, the zombie mode now uses 0.5 to 1W less energy and is 0.2 to 0.4 mh/s faster; Added --zombie-tune parameter for Polaris GPUs. This will increase the performance of zombie mode (further up on the general improvement) by an other 5-15%, depending on parameter and epoch (later epochs profit more). Default value is 0 (off), for most cards the value of 2 is optimal. If you see cards getting slower then before, set to 0 or 1. Note: you either can give one value for the whole rig or provide a comma separated list for each card individually. Cards not running zombie mode ignore the parameter; The parameter --4g-alloc-size can now also be set for each card individually; Slight rework of Beam Hash III back end. Improves poolside hash rate by approx 0.2 to 0.3% - displayed hashrate and power consume kept equal; Added a 4G_Ethash_Linux_Readme.txt file to the Linux release, giving guidance how to configure for ideal zombie mode performance; Bug fixes: segmentation fault when the dns resolve of a pool fails #109; miner does not restart after connection loss. #108; Applied potential fix for "address or port already in use" bug)
BMiner v16.4.4 (Fix bugs that lead to high rejection rates in the AMD Ethereum solvers; Fix compatiblity issues with ETH pools that use the ethproxy protocols e.g. sparkpools)

2021-01-06 15:37:54